1. J

    Window return

    Hi ppl Just replaced the window cables on a 2007 cls( some usefull tips in here, thanks!) but now the window doesn't drop when the door is opened and closed...also the mirrors don't automatically fold in and out on the door function. Any advice would be gratefully received
  2. Richard1973

    Return of the black smoke!

    Have finally ordered my replacement egr and manifold, but noticed the other day that the air filter indicator has gone to red. Reset it and straight away back to red indicating it's blocked but the filter is nearly new. I'm now wondering if there is another problem on the inlet side , but what...
  3. C

    Dissel injector return connectors

    Hi im currently looking to find some connectors for my injector returns the hding clips snapped on mine as i was chaging the injector seals on my w204 any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. WDB124066

    Group B makes a return?!

    What's all this...? For those unfamiliar with Group B... Happened to smash the top off a large bottle of beer while standing in a diary paddock, in the rain, at night watching these go by. Power! F1 fans...
  5. B

    About to return to the fold

    Hi... Until 3 years ago I had a lovely diesel C200 Avantage auto but made the mistake of trading it in for a car to obtain lower running costs. I got a Nissan Qashqai 1.5 diesel which has only two redeeming features - firstly it returns 50 mpg and secondly I don't bang my head getting into...
  6. mymini007

    Hello again, looking to return.....

    Hi all, I have been away and driving on the "darkside" for a little while, but I am looking to get myself back in to an MB, the CL500 to be precise, I have been looking around the internet and you seen to be able to pick something up for around the £3500 mark. Is this a wise move, I have...
  7. grober

    SAAB 9-3 the return?

    News that Turkey has bought the design rights [ BUT NOT THE NAME ]to the SAAB 9-3. Cars to be manufactured in Turkey with a different front end. Turkey buys SAAB 9-3 rights
  8. N

    The Return

    Hi All, I am an ex-member (tried to reactivate my registration but it didn't work, couldn't for the life of me remember email addys, passwords etc :doh:) but back in a new guise as 'NotaZippy' which says it all really. I've had my SLK for 16 years and it's now started misbehaving so hoping...
  9. M

    w211 e270 turbo oil return line small leak

    Hi guys. I spotted a small oil trace where the turbo oil return line fits into the oil pan. It s not dripping but the line is oily two inch from the pan. It is safe to drive? My indie is in vacation and it s closed.
  10. P

    Have I got to return a lease car with new tyres??

    Hello all, My C250 which I have on PCP is almost due to be returned. As the title says, I presume I have to return it with brand new tyres? I can't seem to find anything in the contract, I've more than likely missed it! If so, do they have to be the same tyres as what was originally on the...
  11. R

    Return valve for hydraulic fluid pump

    Going to change the hydraulic fluid for my 1999 R129. I want to bleed the old fluid out by taking off the return line. Can anyone identify which one it is? There were no markings on the pump to indicate direction Thanks in advance
  12. A

    om602 throttle return sticking

    Hiya peeps, my first post on here, hi everyone. Just bought a 1995 TN with the OM602 n/a engine. Drove it 300 miles home, very very very slow, had a poke around and the throttle cable was badly adjusted, and only giving 1/2 throttle. Adjusted it, runs a bit better, so went out last nite on a...
  13. nick mercedes

    return of the penta

    Penta Wheels - The "official legendary wheel"
  14. D

    ml 320 power steering pipes high pressure and return handmade in the uk

    mercedes retail is around £500 for them. these guys with make them from new and offering them delivered for £160 with special mbclub price of course they can make all sorts for old or new mercs and other models the link for the high pressure pipe but he is doing the pair which is...
  15. P

    nice return trip south to north

    This is how a cross country trip should be. Guildford to Preston.
  16. Merc Owner 2B

    Lost a key / Return your key tags - Returning found keys

    Had a near thing today when SWMBO lost her car keys. Thankfully handed in at supermarket. It has got me thinking about the various firms that you can subscribe to by attaching their tags to your key ring. Some ask the finder to telephone for a reward others ask for them to be placed in the post...
  17. Sprint-Man

    Am I allowed to return, please?

    :bannana: I've strayed from MB for 14 months, but yesterday I bought a C180K Classic, I wonder if I'm allowed to return, please? Sprint-Man
  18. AnimMerc

    Top Gear return's Sunday

    Clip features g63 (6x6) BBC Two - Top Gear, Series 21, Trail: Top Gear Series 21
  19. Braincrank

    Heating return pipe

    Hello there, I need a new heating return pipe for my 124. The end where it connects to the motor block is in a bad state. I thought of cutting a bit off and stretching the hose to fit but that would only be a temp solution ... I couldn't find any on the gfs or eurocp website . Is it one of them...
  20. J

    Fuel Return Pipe Conflicting Info.

    Fuel Return Pipe ( of leak Pipe, or leak of pipe ) Otherwise known. Car 2002 W203. Diesel C Class. One of the Pipes is Broken, Mercedes Part £100.00 to fit another £70.00 Trying to fix my wifes car who is SCREAMING AT ME ' you know nothing about cars ' etc etc. before I run away...
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