1. Piff

    Investment returns

    Considering the possibility of early retirement and would have a lump sum to invest. I've done a spreadsheet to calculate how much I could draw from the lump sum each year. Assumptions used are:- Living until 90 yrs old Increasing drawings by 2% per year Lump sum earning 3% each year...
  2. T

    The wanderer returns...

    Well guys, 7 years away and I'm returning to the fold. Since my W203 C class Sport Edition saloon I actually vowed never to buy a Merc again after the shocking service and amount of issues that I had... 7 years has passed and I thought meh... :dk: sod it. Let's give it another shot so I've...
  3. Guy

    A Defector returns

    Hi, can I (re) introduce myself? I was a regular on the forum in the very, very early days, when there was a fraction of the number of members there are now. I had a few Mercs over the years, then I defected... Anyway, on Sunday I'll be back in a new Mercedes, so be warned, I'll probably be...
  4. T

    Gearbox problem returns

    If anyone has read my previous thread about my W210 E320 CDI gearbox problem and fix, it's back:fail My gearbox previously stuck in gear after jumping between gears and over revving between 3rd and 4th. I replaced the gearbox plug, oil and filter and got it put on STAR and got faults...
  5. D

    My S202 C43 returns from a bit of TLC...

    The car was an absolute credit to its previous owners but the paintwork was starting to look a little tired and in need of a refresh, so I got my bodywork man to give it a good polish and two coats of AutoGlym HD Wax. I'll try and get some arty photos tomorrow if I can...
  6. Godot

    Snuffy the seal returns to the sea

    After being found washed up on shore, sweet little Snuffy makes his return home to the sea.:D CnDH1va7iC0:eek:
  7. grober

    Robert Kubica returns- gradually

    I was heartened to read of Robert Kubica's return to motor sport today in the F1 racing magazine. There's an interview and some footage of him driving a DTM merc here. BBC Sport - Robert Kubica hopeful of Formula 1 return He has also driven competitively for Citroen in a WRC C4 rally...
  8. C240Sport97

    Top Gear returns to

    BBC2 and BBC HD on Sunday 27 Jan 13 at 8pm
  9. Spinal

    EuroTunnel Day Returns

    A query... I need to book some tickets to Italy, and as I'm bringing my dog, was thinking of going via the eurotunnel as a pose to a ferry. Looking at prices, I can buy tickets for the days I need for about £200 (including my dog's £30 extra) - or I could get 2x day returns for less than...
  10. J

    W124 E220 1993 irregular idle, hi revs, returns to normal on restart

    Hi, just bought a 1993 E220 W124, and in the last week it has been giving me a bit of a head ache. it would for no reason start shuddering, as if its not firing on one cylinder, but if the car is switched of and restarted, it runs normal. Revs also pick up to 1500 rpm. have changed the spark...
  11. dokalj

    Part question/ Returns warranty

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well, I got MB to replace a part back in August and it took a while and when the new part arrived it looked okay. I didn't have time to fit the part until now. Partly because I was waiting on another part. I then glanced at the part and saw damage on the edge...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    The C111 Returns!

    Ciento Once by GWA - Mercedes-Benz C111 experimental vehicle revival WA Tuning has drafted a one-off prototype based on the Mercedes-Benz C111 called the Ciento Once. The San Antonio, Texas-based tuner, owned by designer Arturo Alonso, decided to revive the 1970 C111 to created another...
  13. Rashman

    Bluewater AMG meet returns!!

    Following popular demand, the Bluewater AMG meet will be returning!! :rock: This time, a trip to Lakeside could well be on the cards.... Time to show the "Lakeside Thundercats" how the AMG boys roll ! :devil: Watch this space for further details...... :rock:
  14. Druk

    Part warrant returns.

    Just back from Spain and Portugal where some of you may remember the flasher unit failed. This was bought from Mercedes on May 11th this year. The fault only develops when the car is hot. Not hot as in engine heat but hot as in Spanish heat. Mercedes will not honour any part under warranty...
  15. Baron_Samedi

    Many Happy Returns Robert!

    Enjoy your special day :thumb:
  16. renmure

    A ditherer returns to the fold

    Not really posted much recently and it's not because I have been out enjoying my CLK 320 Cabrio but rather because it has sat at the back of the garage with a cover on it for the past few months whilst I drove around in other cars and hummmed and dithered about selling it. I am fortunate...
  17. ckember

    top gear returns

    :) Top gear returns to our TV's next weekend, Filiming starts again this wednesday. watch the trailer here
  18. Geezer

    A Classic Returns!

    New Capri!! Fond memories, I started off with a 1.3 and ended up with the 2.8 which was scary!! :rock:
  19. robert.saunders

    F1 2009 - returns to BBC!

    Formula One to return to BBC TV The BBC has secured the television rights to show Formula One in the UK from the 2009 season. The five-year deal marks the return of the sport to BBC screens 12 years after ITV began broadcasting Grands Prix. Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone said: "I...
  20. NW_Merc

    A hero returns - Rambo 4
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