1. C

    CLK430 rev limited when in park and neutral?

    Hi Guys and Gals My CLK430 project - I've only driven it for 10 miles and it is now SORN I've had it running on the driveway for oil change etc. Have noticed it seems limited at 4K when revving it (fully hot of course). I didn't gun it on the drive home from collecting it. This normal?
  2. B

    E 320 rev limit

    I have a 2005 E320 W211 diesel, and the engine will frequently limit itself to 3,000 rpm. After stopping, switching off for 20 seconds, then starting up again, the fault clears itself initially ........... but usually recurs after a few miles. Even when not rev-lmited, the engine is low on...
  3. G

    MB E280 CDI '55 won't rev over 1500 rpms (2359 error code)

    Hello All. I am hoping someone came across the same problem in the past and will help. Bought the car back in December and it was fine for the first few weeks. Then one day when accelerating on cold engine it jerked a few times. I reduced the throttle and it was fine again. Few days after the...
  4. C

    not rev above 3k, limp mode?

    and takes an age to get there as well Hello All, Hoping quick and easy advise lead to even cheaper fix ;) no lights on dash to indicate an issue. not been able to scan it as yet; after pointers really; will scan in daytime tomorrow. Due B5 service in 85days mileage is 98200 cruises just...
  5. R

    slight wobble on the rev counter when driving

    Hi, I have a 63 plate C250 and I have noticed whilst driving I have a slight wobble on the rev counter. It's only very slight but I was wondering if it's something I should look into? Roobler
  6. clk320x

    CLK320 rev

    Normally never even rev up car however today stuck in neutral and put foot down. For some reason it capped out around 4100rpm and wouldn't get into the red. Others in car said it's not normal? What could be wrong? Cheers
  7. 1

    W126 won't Rev past idle.

    Good morning friends, I'm having a problem with my 1989 560 sel. The car will start and idle no problem but will not Rev at all, it will engage in any gear but only move a couple of inches due to no throttle response. It has sat for a while on the drive before trying to move it yesterday. I...
  8. S

    W126 Rev Counter not working

    Since I've had my 84 500 SEC the rev counter has never worked. Anyone have any ideas what it can be? I've yet to pull out the cluster to see if all is good there, but before I do that I wanted to check everything else. I cannot figure out where the rev counter gets its signal from....
  9. M

    E320cdi won't rev passed 2000

    Hi guys I just picked up a w210 e320cdi it runs and drives ok but.......... It wont rev passed 2000 revs when driving, but drives smoothly and changes up ok If revved at idle it will red line but knocks then cuts out, it then fails to start after just turns over buts sounds horribly, if...
  10. S

    Bouncing rev counter!

    I have an unusual problem with my 2011 Viano 2.2CDI. The rev counter keeps bouncing by about 100 revs when under light load. It generally jumps up then goes back to the same point almost instantly every few seconds. There is no real pattern to it and I can also just feel the car physical surge...
  11. D

    W204 slamming into gear(1st or Rev)

    Had this problem intermittently since I have bought the car. Car was serviced 5 weeks ago by MB dealer who did software updates. Its happened 6 times again since then. Going back in again but I don't think they will find anything, no fault coded shown. Getting a bit cheesed off as it was an...
  12. E

    Will not rev above 2500-3000rpm and will not kick down

    My E320cdi s211 will not Rev above 2500-3000rom and not kick down! It runs fine other than that. This is also intermittent. Does anyone know what could be the issue? Thanks
  13. T

    Vito 108 cdi wont rev over 3000rpm when warm.

    My Vito 108cdi 2003 with 99000 miles is playing me up again. I solved the non starting problem with having all 4 injectors overhauled, and now I've started to use it, when it gets near normal running temp it wont rev over 3000 rpm as if its got a limiter on it. Been advised it could be the mass...
  14. Biglee

    500SL R129 Idle - Rev counter

    I am after opinions on what this can be. 1990 500SL R129. I did have some lumpy idle issues and have changed dizzy caps and rotors for Beru. I have cleaned all connections to Idle control valve and checked working OK . Have checked the connections and fuse on the voltage protection relay...
  15. M

    Merc c class suddenly won't rev above 3000rpm

    Drove back down the motorway today and when I pulled off at the junction and changed gear the car suddenly will not Rev above 2500-3000rpm. Regardless of which gear I'm in. There has been no issues at all with the car until tonight . I'm a little concerned to as what it might be . It's...
  16. H

    weird rev after air con is on

    I notice that the rev keeps bouncing almost every minute after I turn the a/c on. Usually, the 1st 6 to 7 minutes are fine, then the rev goes down and bounces back every 40s to 1 minute. Look like the a/c is on and off. Just wonder if it is normal. I recorded a video and it is here. In...
  17. Alex225

    Cold Rev Limit

    Sorry if this is a daft question, I wondered if the engine in the CLS63 had a cold rev limit. I usually allow any car I'm driving to warm up but I'm aware my Megane 225 has a cold rev limit (4k although never hit it). Wondered if the AMGs had something similar. Also what is the cars hot...
  18. legonutter

    random 3000rpm rev limiter

    the engine in my merc is a 2001 2.7 cdi 5pot and at random times after start up it engages a 3000rpm limiter without even throwing a code? is this a boost or maf sensor issue?
  19. legonutter

    random 300 rpm rev limmiter

    the engine in my merc is a 2001 2.7 cdi 5pot and at random times after start up it engages a 3000rpm limiter without even throwing a code? is this a boost or maf sensor issue?:dk:
  20. O

    Engine chucking when hot rev counter pulsing

    Hi everyone,not been on for a while but looking for any help on this issue,I have a 04 w211 e220 and when my car gets hot( an hours driving)engine sounds as she is missing or "chucking" when I try to go uphill with pedal down,also Rev counter is pulsing when driving at constant speed,like she is...
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