1. S

    Buying a Car - MOT reveals slight play in a number of suspension ball joints.

    Hi, I am looking for 56 - 09 E320CDI saloon with features such as heated leather, bi-xenon, memory seats, through loading etc. One car I came across has MB service history and not too high mileage - just over 100k. MOT history contains a number of waarying signs of bad ownership such as...
  2. The _Don

    Ford reveals 125hp engine - of just 1000cc

    PistonHeads Headlines - Ford reveals 125hp engine - of just 1000cc
  3. D

    Imminent E250 Cab ED125 order reveals some interesting facts

    Having ordered then cancelled an E250 CDI Sport Cab in September last year, despite being offered a free 350 upgrade and being days away from factory collection in Germany, I'm about to place an order for a 2012MY E250 CDI this week. I guess I felt short changed last year as Benz was withholding...
  4. robert.saunders

    Caine reveals Italian Job ending

    "Hang on lads, I've got a great idea," says Sir Michael's character, Charlie Croker... and then the credits roll. The star says he would have saved them by "switching on the engine", burning off petrol until it righted itself. "I crawl up, switch on the engine and stay there for four hours...
  5. verytalldave

    Auto Express reveals the truth ! ! ! !

    An article in todays Daily Mail reports that a forthcoming article in the weekly UK car magazine "Auto Express" reveals the true facts and figures behind the so-called 'ECO CARS' and that they are not as green as their makers claim. Makes for very interesting reading...
  6. Kinky

    Accident survey reveals safest cars

    Get the full report at : It covers most, if not all of the models represented by owners here. K By David Williams, Motoring Editor, Evening Standard 4 June 2003 Britain's safest - and least safe - cars are revealed...
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