1. Weds

    Reversing camera problems

    I've been following loads of threads on here for fitting a reversing camera. I have a 2011 S212 E class Estate, (4.5 comand unit) the camera is fitted and I have a video feed upto the comand unit (checked with a video camera with video input) , the camera is a NTSC format, i have enabled the...
  2. F

    W204 reversing sensor

    Obviously, I can hear the forward facing bleeper very clear as it is right next to me. The reversing one though in my estate sounds quiet...Is there anything I can do to improve this........apart from a hearing aid....or, turn down stereo....:-)
  3. KennyN

    Reversing light wire colour ??

    CLS facelifted W219 , 2010 model. I am needing to tap into the rear right light cluster connection to power my reversing camera and before i go mental with my MM sticking it into all-sorts of places does anyone know what colour is the wire is that feeds the reversing lamp , it has the factory...
  4. A

    SteelMate Reversing Sensor Set

    SteelMate reversing sensors: 4 sensor set. Sensors currently fitted in a W202 saloon rear bumper (centre section only). Bumper centre section is 366 Azurite blue and has no scratches or damage. I have the top and bottom sections of another bumper if required ( bottom is for a facelift, top is...
  5. F

    2016/17 C coupe with reversing camera boot leak

    I have just noticed a small water leak in the boot. After opening the boot some water dropped on my head and I realised that water is coming from the plastic cover inside the boot lid, especially around the buttons for locking the car and closing boot. The boot is however dry, no water comes...
  6. I

    C Class Reversing Camera

    Could someone please confirm if the reversing camera and rear distance monitoring alarm works when your mobile phone is connected to the car's Bluetooth and you are on a call? The car in question is a C Class Coupe, 64 plate. Thanks in advance!
  7. T

    Aftermarket reversing camera options

    Hi All I have a 2011 W212 and was looking into the options available to get a reversing camera, issue is my car has the Audio 50 and not comand so cannot go via the OEM route it looks like. Has anyone else looked at any other options or managed to get this to work? Not a big fan of having...
  8. T

    Aftermarket reversing camera, W221

    Hi all! I've bought an aftermarket reversing camera for my W221 S Class, 2009, I think the Comand is NTG3? I've bought an RCA to Fakra link wire but I understand that it can't just be plugged in to the Comand unit. Any instructions would be gratefully grabbed at. Thanks, Glyn
  9. N

    Driving test tomorrow, ? on adjusting NS door mirror for reversing around corner.

    My son has his driving test tomorrow around noon. When doing the reversing around a corner manoeuvre he has been adjusting the NS door mirror so that he can see the kerb. Today he had a professional driving lesson & matey told him he couldn't do that. Seems odd in light of the way many cars...
  10. L

    Comand 2.0 and DIY Reversing camera issue

    Hi I have a Panasonic DVD player running perfectly through my Comand 2.0. I bought a £6 reversing camera off ebay. The camera works fine off the cheap and nasty Eonon unit in my C180k but I want to use it on the Comand in my 270ML. When I unplug the Panasonic DVD Video phono and plug in the...
  11. P

    Reversing camera

    Have a clk with command and parkatronic, recently had a hire car with reversing camera which I found really good. I have seen a reversing camera on eBay for a clk has anyone fitted one would it be plug in and play ?
  12. brucemillar

    124 Wagon Reversing Lights not working?

    Folks Mrs M spotted that both my reversing lights are not working. Bulbs are good. I suspect that the switch is not connected as the gearbox has just been refitted after a restoration. Do we know where the switch is located please?
  13. M

    Reversing Camera or Dash Dash cam suggestions

    Hi I have an SL350 2013 convertible and wondered if there are any suggestions or recommendations for fitting a reversing camera or Dash Cam that will integrate with the 7 inch MB command screen.
  14. A

    2013 W212 E63 AMG - coding OS mirror to dip when reversing?

    As per title, is it possible to code the reversing wing mirror dipping function to work on BOTH wing mirrors rather than just the nearside as it the default?. Do you know how this is done, and who could do it if it possible? Regards, Alex
  15. F

    S203 reversing USB camera

    Hi All Does anybody know where I can lay my hands on a USB reversing camera that fits in place of a number plate light unit on a S203 Estate. Many thanks
  16. V

    Reversing camera problems

    Hi I have a 2007 w164 ml63 with a factory fitted reverse camera. However it has never worked, only occasionally flashing green when engaging reverse. I've pulled the back tailgate trim off and played with the connections but to no avail. Has anyone got any advice on how to trace the fault? Thanks.
  17. G

    Vito Reversing camera

    Guys can some one help me. I have a VITO fitted with A NTG2 head unit with Satnav. The unit has the video input button and the green Fakra plug on the back. Can I connect a reversing camera into the green Fakra plug and just manually switch to video when reversing.
  18. V

    Reversing tow hitch camera sprinter

    Hi All I want to fit a camera to aid lining up for hooking on trailer. I like the high level brake light cameras but don't know if they can be used to see the tow ball. Does anyone know? Also can it be integrated into Audi 20 head unit on a 2012 van ? Cheers Vin
  19. Robbo Cop

    W212 Reversing Bulbs

    Hi, I'm about to fit LED reversing bulbs an my W212 (saloon). Is there anyone out there who can advise with the correct procedure? I've looked on the web but can't seem to find any instructions etc. Many thanks in advance, Rob ...
  20. G

    Newbie - and reversing question

    Just taken on the keys to my new C63S (W205) estate. Loving it. Question though. I have a gravel drive and the wheels spin badly when trying to back off it. I've had plenty of powerful rear drive cars before (911's, XKR) but never had this issue (and before you say it - am attempting to move...
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