1. M

    Mercedes dealer reviews - how do they rate?

    I've just discovered that Google has ratings for Mercedes dealers, based on reviews of each individual dealer. (Sorry if this is well known - I've only just come across it.) For example, here's the page for reviews of Mercedes Southampton. What I'm wondering is whether there's a list...
  2. M.A.94

    D2 coilover reviews?

    Has anyone had experience with D2 racing suspension? if so how would you review them. If it makes a difference the product I'm looking into is a coilover kit for a W210 E320 CDI.
  3. Lennox

    New E Class estate average reviews

    Slightly disappointed that the new E Class estate is getting average reviews. Maybe once we get better engines in there that would help. 2016 Mercedes E-class Estate driven: can it beat the Volvo V90? 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate review | What Car? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. H

    Retro Fit Heated Seats - Supplier Reviews

    Hello All, I have a 2012 face lift W204 C250, The car has leather seats which are partially electric but came from the factory without heated seats. I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations/experiences with suppliers and/or installers of retro fit heated seats. I did a quick...
  5. N

    A1 Merc Centre - any reviews?

    Hi All, has anyone used or had any dealings with these guys for any servicing work. They are quite local to me and if recommended would just use them instead of going all the way to Harrow or Romford? A1 MERC CENTRE LTD
  6. W

    C32/ c55 reviews

    Hi all I am new on here looking at a C32 or C55 for my next car. Was really after people's reviews of them, which is best for things like equipment, common faults, tuneability and what sort of MPG could I expect from them? Cheers Scott
  7. E

    EIS Aircon condenser - Reviews?

    Evenin' all. The old girl ('98 E55 AMG estate) needs a new aircon condenser, and ECP have a good deal on at present on an EIS aftermarket item. It's not a name I recognise, though. Would anyone have any comments, for or against, or care to recommend a good make if you so wish? Thank you in...
  8. BaldGuy

    Veet for Men - Very funny reviews!!

    Read the reviews on this product, you'll have to scroll down the bottom of the page..... Hilarious......
  9. N

    2003 C270 cdi personal reviews

    Hi, im looking into buying a c270 but im reading mixed reviews on the build quality and rust. So i thought who best to ask but the people have actually own them :D So my basic questions are, are these c classes built well and are they likely to rust? And basically any other useful tips for...
  10. grober

    Online car road test reviews

    Following on from the recent buying online thread I came across a new car video road test review from CAR AND DRIVING on the Autobytel website. There are lots of video reviews online from Honest John, What Car, Parkers, Car Buyer MSN etc but this one struck me as particularly detailed. Its...
  11. allias

    4 wheel alignment equipemnt reviews.

    Did anyone of you have expirience with John Beam and Hunter alignment equipment? Or both at the same time? Anyone visited garage/s where they had hard time to setup full alignment using any of that equipment? Any posistive and negative thoughts about any of them. Does anyone feel like sharing...
  12. The Boss

    AutoTrader owner reviews

    Gents.. Ladies. I just wrote my review on the w124 cab MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS Convertible 1993 Owner Review - Car Reviews - Auto Trader if u want to have a read, go to the link.. I would highly recommend all forum members to contribute to the mercedes categories... :)
  13. 91dm

    CCC Technology Reviews W202 C250TD Remap

    Hello, I’ve been looking at getting my C250TD remapped. All websites quote similar figures of improvements in economy and performance so I’m trying to find the best company to go with. Has anyone dealt with CCC Tech before? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  14. R

    M Class around £5k, Am I mad? Or should I not be put off by negative reviews

    Hello All, Firstly hello to everyone as this is my first post. :D Basically I am looking at getting either an ML270 or 320 for around £5,000. I have just sold my car and my wifes Alfa GTV is coming off the road to spend a year or so being restored. Having recently got a dog and with...
  15. grober

    4CAR video reviews on Utube

    Self explanatory really. Here's a sample on the new E 63 AMG Estate [YOUTUBE HD]CBO1S9Z8gL4[/YOUTUBE HD]
  16. Seamster15

    Hotel Reviews!

    Anyone ever been to a hotel and written a review? Check out this place! OMG! :crazy:
  17. ibrar

    Website reviews

    When searching for certain items on the internet, one always comes across prices that seem cheaper than their competitors. However, how do you justify which websites are the real deal and which that are not?? Are there any website review websites that you can simply check?
  18. B

    Something from Honest Johns Car Reviews

    I noticed the following comment in the ‘What to Look Out For’ section on Honest John for CLKs, E and C Class “Two other well known faults which might cause expensive damage are failure of the oil seals to the wiring looms from the top of the cam cover and to the autobox which is...
  19. GrahamC230K

    Link to any portable sat nav round-up reviews?

    Hi, Has anyone seen or got a link to any recent portable sat nav group reviews? I'm in the market for one and off the top off my head have pretty much decided a TomTom Go 910 is the one to go for, but would like to read a a group review of all the latest offerings preferably. Cheers...
  20. glojo

    Clarkson reviews Chrysler 300C????

    I think our Jeremy has finally flipped. This is supposed to be a review of the Chrysler 300C? I found the article highly entertaining and perhaps anti our gevernment, but you will have to look hard for a constructive review of the Chrysler! Regards, John
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