1. s4mb0

    Help with car reving

    So I've just finished a rockercover gasket/seals change, and now the car won't drop to normal revs and it sticks when you rev it. I've seen a post where people are telling the guy to check all the pipes and i have checked them all everything is on :wallbash: Anyone have any ideas or anything to...
  2. D

    engine not reving past 3000revs on W210 E 320 cdi

    Went out in my today W210 E320 CDI no problem, entered dual carrageway floored it but it just gradually increased in speed (no kickdown) max 3000revs. There was no lights on in dash or malfunction, pulled over to investigate and noticed when reving engine from under bonnet the waste gate linkage...
  3. boggie

    Advice Please: 3.2CDI not reving over 3K

    Hi All, Our W210 320CDI has developed a strange intermittent fault. Whilst driving up the motorway at about 50MPH on Friday night I noticed that if I tried to accelerate to overtake, the car did not drop down a gear. If I put my foot down the revs did not rise immediately as normal, they only...
  4. F

    Engine Reving too high on start up and drive off

    Hi all My sl320 (1995 - Straight 6) is giving me some trouble. The Engine starts quite loudly when i start the car in the morning. As i drive off, the car sticks in the low gears and takes time to shift gear. However, as the car warms up, gear changing becomes smooth again. In the...
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