1. KillerHERTZ

    2013 SL-Class revised for UK market

    2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class revised for UK market Significant changes to the SL-Class from June 2013 production SL 350 and SL 500 now available as AMG Sport models Additional standard equipment added to SL 63 AMG SL 350 AMG Sport from £69,960 OTR and SL 500 AMG Sport from £79,970 OTR...
  2. B

    Revised 2011 C-Class versus original 2007 C-Class

    Is there anyone who has bought the newly revised C-Class who previously owned the original version of the current series, released in 2007. I was interested to hear an owner's impression of the changes.
  3. J

    E Class Coupe Revised LED DRLS

    Just noticed that the front LEDS seem to have been revised to a new design: Mercedes-Benz Deutschland - E-Klasse - E-Klasse Coupé Not sure if this applies to the Sport models as well or just the SE. Personally I prefer the current angled lights and think that they look a lot better. They...
  4. Rashman

    Revised Bluewater AMG meet!

    Hey guys! Right, Weather permitting, what do you guys think of saturday the 11th September? Same drill as before. 8.30pm in the cinema multistory carpark at bluewater. :rock:
  5. R

    The Complete M271 Engine thread. ( Revised and Updated )

    The Complete M271 Engine thread. ( Revised and Updated ) People are forever asking about how to mod their M271 C180 Kompressor so I thought some work was required to help guide us all! Hope this helps someone. The Complete M271 Engine thread. As you know a number of people regularly...
  6. robert.saunders

    revised job/revised salary/many questions make Rob a confused boy

    With reference to an old thread I posted on here, there have been substantial changes concerning my employment. After my re-grading as mentioned, I subsequently changed roles again, through a departmental restructure – this alongside voluntary & compulsory redundancies elsewhere throughout...
  7. robert.saunders

    Revised Highway Code (DRAFT)

    I'm conscious I've made reference to the revised Code a few times on recent posts - should anyone wish to read it, here is a link Consultation has ended on this and this version is not the final copy, but it gives a flavour of what to expect. Hope helps Rob
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Revised used car search interface on mb webiste

    Anyone else noticed that the way of searching for used cars on the website has changed recently? See it here: Maybe I'm missing something but it is pretty much useless if you have a specific variant of a model in mind...
  9. wallingd

    Revised 211 It is of course not a "new generation", just a revision...
  10. M

    CLK 280 Coupe - Revised Edition with Sports Package - Photos!

    2006 Edition CLK 280 Coupe - with Sports Package - Photos! Thursday 16th, I collected my CLK 280 Coupe from Bremen. All went well, I had my tour too. It was just me, my girlfriend on the English tour, so we went where we wanted to go. So we saw the body shop, the paint shop and the CLK...
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