1. Sp!ke

    flummoxed by sons revision question

    I was scratching my head on this one for a bit... 1-2(x+3)=4(x-2)+8 How many of you can solve this in 5 minutes?
  2. M

    C63 AMG - Revision History ?

    Hi guys I've been looking at C63 AMG adverts and i'm getting confused with what is standard spec and what is optional. I'm specificly looking at the C63 estate, some of which quote an electric tail gate, others don't so i'm not sure if that was an option as well. The mercedes benz website...
  3. T

    COMAND - Which Revision to use

    Still trying to understand this Mercedes COMAND system. In navigation mode the sytem does not show the road I live in, even though we have been here 10 years!!:crazy: My question is, can I use any COMAND disc , i.e. the latest version available, in the unit or am I limited to the disc that...
  4. marcos

    M-Class revision and C-Class price

    Does anyone know when the M-Class was revised. My mate is looking at buying one and is unsure about when the facelift was. He is also selling my old C240 Sport 2000yr, silver, black leather, auto, autochanger etc and needs to know a price. If its a good price I might buy it back off him and...
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