1. R

    E320 Estate Revisions History

    I'm looking to get a replacement for my current '95, Petrol, E320 Avante Garde Estate, 135K (offers? :D), and I'm looking at something very similar just newer - probably around a 06-07 plate. I already know the appx spec I'm looking for(based on 280 or 320 prob), but I have a basic question...
  2. Meldrew2

    C Class W203 revisions

    I've just got a personalised plate for my "51" reg C200K. K200 MBC - well it seemed appropriate. As this will conceal the car's true age, are there any "give-away" revisions that a sharp-eyed MB fan would spot? I know that the speedo & tacho dials on the dash were changed ... any other...
  3. Richard W

    2005 Highway Code revisions

    Important that all drivers are made aware of the changes to the highway code - particularly use of lights..... Highway Code revisions
  4. S

    W124 series revisions ?

    I think that there were some revisions made to the W124 series around 1991 ish ? I think this was a slight modification to the grill, headlamps/indicatiors and intro of colour coding ? I understand this took place a couple of years before the numbering change, e.g. the 300E became the E300. Can...
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