1. tron

    W210 mirrors revisited.

    Last year I had a lot of difficulty attempting to fit a pair of folding W210 mirrors to my W202, eventually repairing the 202 units and leaving the 210 ones in pieces. The current 202 has very poor frames to its non folding mirrors so I am tempted to try again. I fitted the seat wiring into...
  2. O

    CL65 revisited

    Tried very hard to resist but the will was weak, so the 2009 cl65 is now mine. No piccies yet. 12000 miles , Platinum Black, porcelain interior with Piano black trim and carbon exterior package. Most goodies but not the fridge so Irn Bru will have to go in a coolbox. Looking forward to picking...
  3. O

    VIP Event revisited

    Just had an Email from MB Dealer advising that they had "failed to meet" their sales target for the recent VIP Event and they had 32 cars which "must be sold" (as opposed to what?). Clearly the black and gold curtains and VIP "passes" failed to impress enough locals! It was important that we...
  4. B

    My disappearing water problem - revisited

    Seems like it is either the gasket or a crack in the head. Any ideas on how much a new cylinder head for an e200 kompressor 2002 will be ?:confused:
  5. G

    Maunals Revisited

    I see this guy is selling workshop manuals on e-bay flashtrax-media any one purchased one? Any thoughts on how good they are?
  6. BDE1V

    CLK 320 Rust Revisited

    Well it's been neally 6 months since I first contacted Mercedes regarding my rusting CLK320. After contacting the local dealership I booked in a visit to their 3rd party bodyshop. Guy took photos but informed me at the time that it was only covered under warranty until the end of the year...
  7. ChrissyBoy

    E270 Economy: revisited

    Thanks to all of you who gave your input last time, esp Richard, Brian & Dieselman. I've now had a chance to take my baby on a longer trip - to Windsor & back on the M40 - 240 mile roundtrip @ 75mph-ish and probably incorporating c20-30 urban miles. Overall, I achieved 40mpg. Now, is that...
  8. M

    Haunted Wipers Revisited

    Narrowed down the fault that makes my C220D wipe when it winks - basically the fault is in the twist to operate wiper switch - the slightest pressure on the stalk makes the switch think that I want the wipers on. Any way that I can get the switch apart or renew it without changing the whole...
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