1. WDB124066

    Goodwood Revival 2016 preview

    Getting top billing here... Goodwood Revival 2016 preview
  2. pnevesfoto

    EGR revival...

    egr revival... the before and after images... before: and after I cleaned it: the DTC was devolving the P0402 code... hope this is all it takes to sort that out...
  3. W

    Goodwood Revival 2014

    Went all grumpy on Friday morning :( because I couldn't go to Revival this year. But this was relieved somewhat when I realised that full live coverage was being broadcast on the web, with full replays available on youtube. :bannana: However, I have now discovered that the full replays are...
  4. The _Don

    Goodwood revival on now

    Sky channel 120 itv4.
  5. T

    Goodwood Revival 14 Sept Anyone else there?

    ust Booked Tickets for self and the wife for Saturday at Goodwood Revival Anyone else there ? Anyone been any tips where to go what to see view / eat etc Boyd __________________
  6. B

    2012 Goodwood Revival Meeting Photo Gallery

    I have a few photos up from Goodwood yesterday and will be adding more. The sideshows have grown enormously in the last few years and the period shops & garages to the right of the main entrance are looking particularly good The event is a three-day tribute to Dan Gurney who is at Goodwood for...
  7. B

    Tickets wanted for Goodwood Revival on Saturday

    Tickets wanted for Goodwood Revival on Saturday - I am looking for one or two tickets for Saturday, entrance only Nick Froome
  8. W

    Goodwood Revival 2011

    Thinking of going to Goodwood revival next year and would like recommendations of accommodation in the area. Hoping for some reasonable priced B&B or hotel. Not looking for anything fancy as don't expect to be there much (just to sleep). What is traffic like getting into the circuit in the...
  9. petermansell

    Photos from the Goodwood Revival

    Some pictures of the Goodwood Revival if anyone is interested. Goodwood Revival - a set on Flickr :thumb:
  10. tpwuk

    Leather revival!!

    My leather interior is being restored as I type!! Pictures to follow later! :)
  11. J

    DTM Revival @ Hockenheim 23.05.2010

    This originally started out as a 190 16V only meeting , but the other car clubs involved in DTM at the time of the 190 entrants are also invited now . Pictures below . Gallery Holgers Galerie - Hockenheim 2010 Hockenheim 2010p Index 1 And for those that are registered , the 190 forum...
  12. EDZ649

    Oldest thread revival

    Just curious, seen a few old threads on here revived recently by newbies and wondered which is the oldest one ever revived. Probably one for the mods to answer if they have that data available....:)
  13. stats007

    Goodwood Revival

    Is anyone going this weekend at all?
  14. grasmere

    battery revival juice - anyone tried it ?

    Just wondered if anyone has tried this stuff, battery revival fluid. Go to OMEGA 908 I've attached an information pdf file, there is another (too large to upload here) which is a display leaflet. In a nutshell " omega 908 immediately acts to restore sulphated yet mechanically sound...
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