1. J

    Can the C63 AMG be a bit jerky at higher revs (Supercharged)

    I am new to the MB brand and am more used to driving manual turbo cars for fun. I have bought a supercharged C63 and am trying to get used to driving it with its settings etc. It can get jerky at higher revs which I'm putting down to the power and instant response but thought id ask on here as...
  2. R

    Should 4matic change gears at much higher revs?

    Hi all, I'm not a petrol head so apologies if I get my terminology wrong. We recently bought a 2014 GLA 220 4matic, It was raining heavily the other day and I thought it was an opportunity to try the 4matic mode for the first time. I found it changed gears ( at least 1 to 4) at pretty high...
  3. H

    revs blip when cruising

    hi everyone im new to forum does anyone know why my merc blips revs while cruising he's perfect at idle thanks henry71
  4. A

    Mercedes c320 Coupe fluctuating Revs

    Hello. I have noticed while driving to work recently that my car revs go up and down fluctuate going uphill...I scanned the car fault codes and everything is clear. Transmission has been serviced, and the car runs fine,and no revs fluctuate on idle. Could it be the MAF?or maybe smth to do...
  5. E

    E55 w211 revs at 2k in park

    Recently done the valve cover gaskets and it seems it's revs a little high sometimes? I've checked and checked the hoses and vac pipes and all look fine! Coilpack sus on cylinder 1+2 on the obd reader.but that wouldn't do that surley? Strange but was fine before.also think of moving breather...
  6. F

    Six Wheel F1 Car in Power-Slide and Revs
  7. OJLane

    W212 E350 CDI not shifting till 2500 - 3000 revs

    Hi all, I started having an issue today in my 2009 E350 CDI with 140,000 miles on it, my drive into work was fine, 25 mins wish with A roads and motorway, shifting and power was fine. I stopped the engine for about 5-10 minutes and ever since then it will not shift to the next gear until...
  8. F

    Aston Martin Vulcan - Revs, Interior, Walk Around
  9. M

    W204 C220 CDi hesitation at low revs

    Hi Not sure if this a common problem or trait? When travelling at low speeds 0-15 mph the car is very jerky and it's almost like it "kangarooing". Any suggestions please? Thanks Mark.
  10. T

    W169 (A150) engine revs 'bouncing / pulsing'

    Hi I can't use the forum search function on my phone for some reason as it keeps disappearing so I'm not sure if this has been answered before. Basically our A150 seems to pulse or bounce at any of the rev ranges. It happens every couple of seconds and is most noticeable when maintaining a...
  11. D

    E350 rubber smell and high revs

    hi had my E350 2010 for two months and when i bought it the service indicator read A7 service. i called a local MB dealer and asked what was carried out on this service., normal stuff plus transmission oil change. the dealer i bought it off said they will be caryring out the service and i did...
  12. K

    W202 (Petrol) Flat Spot at low revs

    Hi folks, I hope someone can help. 1998 W202 C200 Saloon Petrol 81,000 miles. Engine runs beautifully apart from a very annoying Flat Spot at the bottom of the rev range, i.e. when you put the car into D and press the accelerator, nothing happens for a second, resulting in a slightly lumpy...
  13. gadget1960

    Slight misfire on idle / low revs

    As title ..... I have a w210 240 v6 which has a slight mis-fire on idle and very low revs, I have cleaned the maf sensor with zero result (so .. maybe a faulty maf??) next up will be plugs and plug lead testing along with finding any potential air leaks. What I have also noticed is the gear...
  14. M

    slk revs.

    Hi all, i wonder if anyone could help me i have a slk 200 kompressor 2005, i have an intermitant fault the cars rev counter goes up not down when we stop at a junction or roundabout ,some times it will go to nearly 2000 revs and stay there other times it will go down but very slowly, have you...
  15. richard300

    W140 S280 - Revs hunting when off the throttle

    A curious thing happened today. I was driving at slow speed down a slight incline. Didn't need to brake but didn't need to be on the throttle and i noticed the cars revs were hunting (reflected on the rev counter) by a few 000'd revs. I drove round for a little while and under the same...
  16. L

    '06 C220 W203- 2k revs is the limit?

    Hello all, Thanks already to those who have posted on here- I've solved many problems with my car by reading this forum but have a new issue! I have an 06 C220 CDI coupe (Auto), which has just reached 90k miles. Driving the other day, the gear changes didn't seem as smooth and constantly...
  17. V

    Vito 108d Over revs on Start up

    Hi am new on here, I have a S reg Vito 108D, she has been pretty much hassle free for the last 3 years but today whilst driving she suddenly went to max revs and now as soon as you start her she screams her head off, all linkages look ok although the pedal doesnt feel right, could it be the...
  18. L

    sudden rise in revs

    Hi all We have just sold our c class estate and bought a 2000 ML270CDI for both the 7 seats and to tow our horse trailer and whilst driving have noted a bit of a problem. Every now and again we can be driving steadily down the road at say 1500 revs and the Rev counter will shoot up to 3000...
  19. T

    W220 S Class poor running when cold at low revs

    Hi all, OK this is a last DIY attempt to identify my only (at moment) outstanding issue on my car before putting her in the garage. When the car is started in the morning so cold at low revs the car seems to struggle to pull. If I boot it then it will not accelerate at all just seems to...
  20. M

    need help 230 ce coupe high revs, where do the vacum hoses go

    just had new head and gasket fitted and engine is running well, but revs up to 2000 revs till u put it in drive then they drop again. has any one got any pictures of engine bays to see where ll the vacuum hoses go see if i have them fitted wright
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