1. mercmanuk

    reward given for mr clarkson

    reward given
  2. Palfrem

    Privilege reward loyal customers - not!

    Mrs P is due to renew the insurance on her 2007 SLK 200K with a Tracker Currently with Privilege and her renewal quote is £350.86. 60 years of age, 5K miles per year and 19 years NCD. Just been looking at Meerkats and the quote came in at £175 with -- wait for it -- or are you already...
  3. L

    WTB 500e/e500 rear quarters. Cash reward $$$

    Hello members, I am after a good set of Rear quarters from a e500/500e w124. If Someone can help locate a pair there Is a cash incentive for who can come up with The goods. It will be in the few hundred dollar Range So I would like to thank you all And good luck.
  4. M

    £500 reward

    Hi all I am offering an award to anyone who can fix my car The reward is on top of parts and labour Basicley I have trouble with my airmatic Sometimes about once or twice a week I start the car and drive off and the rear of the car both sides drops completely it stays down for about 20 mins...
  5. 1989w124

    My beautiful W124 has been Stolen

    Hi all, It's with a very heavy heart that i have to write these words, confirming my 23 year old W124 300D has been stolen. I have cherished that car since we first bought it, all those years back... and now, some schmuck has decided they were going to steal it. I'm not going to rant...
  6. M

    £5000 reward

    Spotted this intriguing notice in the heart of Belgravia this afternoon. I wonder what was in the bag, who took it, and who wants it back. Must have been something fairly valuable if they bothered to photograph the bag's serial number beforehand - and presumably it was something dodgy...
  7. B

    £500 reward offered

    £500 cash reward offered for the safe return of L35HGM, no questions asked 1993 E300 Multivalve Diesel estate, 7 seats, towbar with twin electrics, Pearl blue, dark blue cloth interior, climate control (single heat dial), Nokia car kit, unusual Mercedes 15" wheels, 205 Continentals, Brighton &...
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