1. clk320x

    Can you adjust CLK Xenon from RHD to LHD

    Is it possible to change the beam from RHD spec to LHD spec on a 209 with Xenon's? I read somewhere there is a lever somewhere but it was a pretty **** explanation Cheers
  2. P

    Mercesdes Sprinter RHD to LHD conversion

    Looking for someone to carry out conversion of 07 or newer Sprinter vans from a RHD to LHD. Suggestions and recommendations please :)
  3. S

    LHD floor mats in a RHD

    Hey guys, Im thinking of buying these floor mats for my W209. The issue is that they are LHD oriented. Will they fit in a RHD car? Has anyone tried to do so? Thank you...
  4. B

    Wanted: An original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class.

    Wanted original MB telephone console for a RHD w202 C-Class black color Please info, many thanks
  5. Bryn320

    Mercedes W116 280S RHD rare

    just got a W116 280S from SA, no rust at all 100k on the clock 76 model, just registered it and told by DVLA this is the only one registered in the UK, probably in Europe also as a RHD, apparently only the 280SE was sold here. anybody know any different, these were sold to SA and AUS...
  6. 89speedster

    RHD SL73 AMG Value

    Hi, I've been offered and am about to buy an interesting car, but could do with some advice please. Car is a black/black 4,000 mile ex Sultan of Brunei SL73. Its apparently one of two RHD models he ordered within the total of 51 cars that he purchased. :rolleyes: Being ex SOB it has the...
  7. F

    Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider 'RHD'

  8. B

    ML430 Power Steering woes RHD

    Hi All, I've (still) got my Merc ML430. Ultra reliable.....apart fom jammed lamella roof...which I can live with. BUT - leaking oil from (low pressure?) hose. Does anyone know where I can get part numbers, or an exploded view of this area? There are plenty of US-LHD vehicle pictures floating...
  9. D

    W124 E320 Saloon, AMG Kit, RHD,30k miles

    This looks absolutely lovely... Wonder what it will make... 1994 Mercedes E320 AMG Saloon W124 - 30k Miles & MOT | eBay
  10. B

    R63 amg rhd

    In the market for an R63 AMG, anyone considering selling? Many thanks Will
  11. Celicasaur

    DPE M156 RHD long tube manifolds - ceramic coated

    Hi guys, gauging interest on my DPE exhaust manifolds because I may sell up soon. These are good for 570hp with a tune on a normal C or E 63. I think after import taxes and shipping etc, I paid around £2400 for them a few months ago. I haven't fitted them and as such, they are brand new...
  12. D

    mercedes 560 sec convertible RHD not seen another like it

    Rare Mercedes 560SEC Convertible, Full Electric Roof, Best colour Combination | eBay
  13. S

    W202 C230K - R/R Engine Mountings

    I have bought Lemforder engine mountings for my W202 C230K, and intended to replace them today. For the life of me, I couldn't find a way to remove the right hand side (driver side) engine mount. Vehicle is RHD, and the supercharger and steering gear make it basically impossible to turn the top...
  14. D

    e220 barn finds on ebay one lhd one rhd

    lhd spanish registered 1995 MERCEDES-BENZ E220 CABRIOLET AUTO LHD - BARN FIND - FUTURE CLASSIC | eBay rhd with free coupe for parts Mercedes w124 convertible / cabriolet | eBay
  15. V

    Grey W124 1996 facelift RHD coupe mats for sale

    Used in reasonably good condition. Full set. Rarely for sale. MERCEDES OE W124 E-CLASS COUPE RHD FLOOR MAT SET, GREY | eBay
  16. Screwdriver

    W115 RHD 200 with AC

    Mercedes 200 stacked headlight For Sale (1972) on Car And Classic UK [C685735] Looks like it needs some work. But it is a right hand drive car with AC, which is v. rare. If it were a diesel, I'd probably invest in it.
  17. M

    Mercedes 6.9 RHD

    Hi Guys here is my 6.9 on ebay Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL 6.9 | eBay
  18. K

    Headlights W208 RHD (pair)

    Hi New member in process of registering UK clk 230 W208 1999 in France. Have replaced headlights and therefore have a pair of UK spec RHD headlights for sale. Undamaged but the usual discolouration of the lenses. Sold without bulbs - buyer pays shipping. Is 100 pounds too much to ask? Let me...
  19. M

    US Import R107 to UK - Headlight Conversion RHD

    Hi, I have just imported an R107 380 from the USA to the UK. I was hoping to get some advice \ instructions on how to convert the headlights for RHD. I want to keep the US twin head headlights. Also if anybody has any clever advice for how to neatly create a rear fog light. I would...
  20. Screwdriver

    The search for a RHD W115 Diesel with AC..

    ...has not gone well. 6 months later and no luck. Has anyone seen a Right hand drive /8 Diesel with an AC in Europe? I'm thinking about casting a wider net and including petrol motors as well...but the thought of dealing with a carb doesn't sit well. Any suggestions always welcome. Cheers!
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