1. Grovsie31

    Running rich? Star diagnostics?

    Hey all. Is it worth me borrowing a friends star diagnostic to see if the car is running rich? I have no idea what it will show, and how id go about sorting it? if anything is wrong that is. Id of thought modern ECU's adjust things themselves... On light revving it doesn't blow anything out...
  2. N

    m271 rich on idle after rebuild ?

    Hi all new to this site need help. 2003 c180 coupe m271 engine I rebuilt new chain,head gasket, valves, etc started up first time purs like a kitten but smokes ( fuel ) on idle clear when you drive not head gasket no blockages. jugers a little bit in park but pulls great and clean when you drive...
  3. Danny DeVito

    Get rich quick

    Or at least make a healthy income.... does anybody have a few good ideas ?
  4. W

    w123 200 stromberg 175CDT running rich

    Hello everyone. I am a new member and I have recently bought a beautiful 1983 w123 200 (M102.920) 4 speed which has done 200 000km now. I love the car but unfortunately it has 2 problems. 1. It has a strong fuel smell coming from the exhaust when running at operating temp but no black smoke...
  5. nick mercedes

    should the rich have to tolerate poor people?

    "Multimillion pound housing developments in London are segregating less well-off tenants from wealthy homebuyers by forcing them to use separate entrances." "a growing trend in the capital's upmarket apartment blocks – which are required to include affordable homes in order to win planning...
  6. M

    w201 carb idle adjustment/running rich

    Hello, I am new to the forum and new to the merc world, I recently inherited an old carbed 190 from my grandfather, the thing is running rich an gives terrible mpg's and a bit rough on idle 1100 rpm can anyone help me to adjust it? the worst is that the mot station told me if you want to use...
  7. P

    This is rich

    Got quote from a rapid fitting service for replacement front cat for the w124 1995 est: 2 qoutes one for 650 +vat and one for £411 incl vat. Turns out that there were none of the more expensive items in stock so I askled what maufacturer they were from; did not know but then found out they...
  8. M

    Lean to Rich Sensor Threshold Voltage?

    Hello all, I've just used the Torque app and an OBD scanner to run a test on my Vito, and it reports : Would anyone be able to tell me what this message means? Thanks, Mark
  9. nick mercedes

    ultra rich the new mp's expense scandal?

    Is the lack of tax paying by the ultra rich going to be the 2013 version of the Mp's expenses scandal? Barclay brothers' £1bn VAT windfall bid puts tactics in spotlight | Media |
  10. nick mercedes

    should rich people have to mix with poor people?

    "George Osborne just got on at Wilmslow with a standard ticket and he has sat in first. His aide tells ticket collector he cannot possibly move and sit with the likes of us in standard class and requests he is allowed to remain in First Class" George Osborne raises standard in first-class...
  11. D

    R129 burning rich

    My R129 300Sl 3.0 litre seems to be burning quite rich. When I park the car I can smell a 'rich' petrol smell. How do you adjust the carburetor/air intake? And would this be the likely problem? Car is going in for a service next week so I may just ask them to do it instead. thanks
  12. L

    W123 280e Running Rich - Help!

    Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum and have recently purchased a lovely 1982 280e. Great car and been reliable so far. It was in storage for many years and is now being pressed into use as my daily driver. There is a longish list of issues which over time should be easy to sort out but one...
  13. Howard

    Crazy rich people

    Only in America :D VlOi2pXrcX8
  14. R

    W123 560E - Running Rich

    Hi All, Need some help with MJ's old w123... Its running very rich and needs a proper tune up, anyone local to East London (Ilford). Thanks
  15. D

    I6 C280 W202 Running Rich?

    Hi All My 1994 C280 M104 seems to be running rich (I think), The exhaust smells a lot which I actually enjoy, It's a reminder of what cars used to smell like. There is no exhaust smoke at all. This problem only occurred after one of the coils blew and I drove the car for about a mile! I have...
  16. N

    Sunday Times Rich List.... out tomorrow. Sunday Times Rich List 2010: Britain's richest see wealth rise by one third - Telegraph
  17. R

    Rich Burgess

    Richard Burgess, from the UK but live in Brooklyn New York. Originally from Broadwell, nr Rugby, nr Coventry... I have a 560 SEC, US midnight blue, '87, tan interior. Stock, and perfect. Well, as perfect as a stock US SEC can be. Also, I have a 500 SE AMG, Orient Red, tan interior, Recaros...
  18. kikkthecat

    Looks like I'm rich !!!

    Got this today. I'm sure it's genuine as it came from Mr Ban Ki Moon himself and you can all appreciate how busy he is. I dont understand most of it but all I have to do is contact the nigerian office at their official United Nations Yahoo email account, give them all my details and the money...
  19. Ade B

    Running rich

    Driving back through horrendous stop start motorway traffic and temperatures ranging from 2.5C to -0.5C the other day, the smell of petrol coming into the car when moving slowly or stationary made me think I had a fuel leak. The recirculating air function got a work out.. I can understand how...
  20. M

    W124 running rough / rich

    Whenever my car is idling, there is a strong smell of petrol from the exhaust and it is quite noisy (a kind of tapping / clattering noise). When driving it, it runs OK, if a little slow when pulling off. It doesn't seem to be misfiring and sounds fairly smooth when you press the accelerator, and...
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