1. st13phil

    Oh dear, indignant lycra lout fined £400 for speeding in Richmond Park

    Once again, a cyclist who thinks the rules don't apply to him. But they do... :D
  2. fab1975

    Land Rover vs Cyclist - Classy road rage in Richmond DISCLAIMER: This is the uncut version, which means that if you are easily offended by rude language you should not click on the link :-P
  3. The Boss

    Sponsor my charity run please - Richmond Park

    Boys / Girls.. hope you all are keeping well.. I am not in the habit of begging, however today i come to you on my knees! I have never ever been able to run.. never enjoyed it.. never thought i could even do it.. However on 20th July 2014, i set myself a 100 day challenge to start running...
  4. HB

    Heathrow to Richmond

    Hi Guys. I may be requiring one of our member limo services to collect at Heathrow and drop off in Richmond on 24th Sep. Then in reverse possibly. Can you help me with who does this.
  5. Howard

    Anyone near Richmond , N.Yorkshire ?

    Does anyone live near there ? Need a little favour ... :o H
  6. The Boss

    Robbery at my place in Richmond/Twickenham Wednesday night!

    Gents/Ladies.. Had a break in at my place in Richmond/Twickenham last night... Broke in at 8pm, smashed the triple glazed windows to pieces, got away with my partners entire jewelery draw and few other sentimental possessions :( Just to be aware, that there has been one more robbery in the...
  7. johnpidge

    Colin Ferns Richmond

    Has anyone tried this MB indy?? Raleigh Road TW9 2DU - They are very very close to where I work which would be very handy!
  8. The Boss

    Any one in Richmond park or Bushy Park today..

    Hello all, i will be in the two locations and surrounding area with my lovely w124 for a private photo shoots and video scenes, so if you are around look out for me, say hi, or what ever tickles your taste buds etc ... prob around 11am - 3/4 pm.. have a great day.
  9. Howard

    Shameless Plug....Colin Ferns - Richmond, Surrey

    Ok, our friend Colin has finally got his site up and running .... He is based in Richmond, Surrey, there is a map and contact details on the site ... Just a little to say really, Colin has serviced and worked on my fathers W123 280te, his W124 300te , his w208 CLK 430 and now my W124...
  10. Sp!ke

    Sat behind an SLR last night through Richmond.

    Last night, my usual dreary commute was brightened up somewhat as I was directly behind an SLR for about 5 or 6 miles or so. Must have been an early one as it was on a 53 reg LHD and had a white sticker on the back saying pre-production car or concept car or words to that effect. The...
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