1. C

    airmatic ride height cls55

    Hello All, im in the process of going through the cls55 thoroughly to try and get it to drive straight. Even though its had all the arms replaced, track rods and a 4 wheel alignment, it still pulls to the left, badly. I noticed the other day, there seems to be a disparity in the ride...
  2. danw666

    Ride not so good!!

    HI all... not had my W208 CLK long now. I noticed that if I hit a bump or pot holes in the road the it sounds like my suspension is coming thought my bonnet! lol such a loud bang. this is coming from the front of the car. it is sat on coilovers but there only 6 months old. any ideas guys?
  3. U

    Bouncy ride with airmatic

    I happen to own 2010 W164 ML 320 CDI Airmatic. It recenlty got all four airbags, rear shocks, height sensors, compressor, sway bar bushings changed at the mercedes dealership. Before you ask i have also new Dunlop XL summer tires and they are all balanced. Somehow i have two issues: 1) The...
  4. D

    Hot air balloon ride.

    It's our wedding anniversary in August. Mrs Ant has always expressed an interest in a hot air balloon experience. Thinking of surprising her. We live a few miles from Gretna. Any views/experiences of this greatly appreciated along with what to expect cost wise. Our 12 year old daughter will...
  5. J

    Pinched my ride: supercars stolen by the dozen from UK turn up in Thailand

  6. J

    Harsh ride quality w211 knocking...

    Evening Ladies and Gentleman, I've got a 2006 Pre facelift E320cdi v6 7g I bought in March and it's been a PITA rotten brake pipes, broken rear springs, faulty turbo actuator, swirl flap issues etc etc. It's running sweet now [emoji108] However I have a knocking on rough and uneven surfaces...
  7. S

    Downsizing wheels for smoother ride

    Dear MB owners, First of all thank you for giving me access to these forums. I have a thought in my head which is bothering me since I bought our car 2 months ago. So we own a MB '63 plate B200 sport, 1.8 diesel 136bhp, automatic. The aspect of the car inside and out is insane. I got in love...
  8. JonoF1amg

    2014 - W205 - C220 BlueTEC Sport - Ride

    Hi, I have the sports model is it normal for the ride to be quite hard? My tyre pressures are around 250 Kpa would reducing the pressures make a difference? Does tyre wear have any effect on the ride I have Nexens on the front and Conteinentals on the rear. Should having it in...
  9. S

    My ride

    My 2006 S211 E220 cdi. Ok there are 'better' cars on the road including many MB models I guess. I'm still sometimes surprised at the sheer quality of the drive this car provides, the ride, relative silence, wonderful SBC brakes (so far so good) great handling and precise steering. This all...
  10. E

    Early '90s G Wagon - Ride Quality?

    What's the ride quality like on an early to mid '90s W463 G Wagon?
  11. Celicasaur

    W124 Cabrio ride after lowering

    So I've got W124 H&R coupe lowering springs fitted on my A124 cabrio (don't start...) and while the ride height is where I want it to be, the ride is reeeeeally bad. Now I understand this is due to lack of travel in the suspension. My question is, if any of you have experienced this, what was...
  12. rusty55

    RR Wraith free ride

    My wife me and a friend got Dropped off at Glasgow airport today in RR Wraith . wow what a car total luxury with such smooth power on our 25 minute journey. It put the icing on the cake after a great visit to Glasgow for 4 days. After a skodas and Toyotas taxis to be offered this instead of...
  13. Motomax

    R129 SL320 Ride Hight

    Hello What is the correct right height of a 1995 SL320 and a 1998 SL320 special edition as the latter seems to be too high on one side. The car has the 17" EVO style alloys and from the top of the tire to the wheel arch is 65mm. Where as the 1995 is only around 40mm. Is this too high? Thanks
  14. T

    CLS W219 320d ride height help.

    So, last week I snapped a front spring on the motorway, no damage apart from a tyre and replacement of both front springs. Now, my car has always sat slightly nose down, the gap between tyre and arch front/back was always equel. I've now had 2 new front springs fitted at a MB specialist...
  15. Adamccc

    Ride For Wayne /// Fundraiser @ Sheffield, UK

    Hi Guys, We're raising funds for a fellow petrolhead that was sadly taken from us last month. The day is sure full of amazing cars, dyno runs & passengers rides along with prizes for fastest lap on our racing simulator, Car of the day, Show and shine, Highest power on the dyno & more. Entry to...
  16. B

    Vito Lowering and the Viano Grand Edition ride height?

    Hi guys, new on here and new to Vito ownership, I have a 2011 facelift 110 LWB. I'm currently looking at lowering the van on new wheels and need some advice. Ive been offered a set of the same wheels that come on the Viano Grand edition and think they look fantastic, the Viano Grand...
  17. 89speedster

    Kids ride on G Wagon

    Anyone know much about these? Are they safe or will it burn my house down like the mini Segways? They look great and I'm sure my little boy would love it! Mercedes G65 Kids Ride On Car 12V Battery Remote Control Toy Car Leather Seat | eBay
  18. A

    E280 CDI Sport - 18" Ride Quality....

    Hi to all - I've just purchased my first MB, a W211 E280 CDI Sport Estate with the 18" 10 spoke design. They look the business, but the ride quality is poor as they are 265/35 (yup......35!!) tyres at the rear which is the main source of the problem Therefore 2 questions: 1) Has anyone else...
  19. Mr Fixit

    C55 stock ride height

    I have a C55 and it seems to be riding lower than standard but the springs etc are standard so i'm wondering if the springs have been cut down as a stupid way of lowering the car!:eek: Does anybody know what the stock ride height is for a C55, Ideally with a point of reference say from the...
  20. Kevlaar

    W211 Suspension query / Odd ride height

    Hi guys, A bit of confusion that I'd like cleared up if possible, I'm wondering if all W211 spring suspension have the notches on the struts/shocks that allow for repositioning the spring seating height as seen in the picture below (3a), if not, was it only sport suspension? The car I've...
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