1. I

    Tyre Skipping: Now it's my fault for buying a car with 20 inch rims.

    An interesting conversation with AMG yesterday following a referral by MB C.S regarding my GLA45AMG tyre skipping. In summary, I was informed the tyre skipping I am experiencing is characteristically different to that experienced by GLC owners. (Having viewed YouTube videos from GLC owners...
  2. ngenius1

    Brabus MonoBlock 3 split rims

    Reluctantly for sale. Originally bought from these forums. All are straight and true with no cracks or repairs. Nearly new set of tyres, 265-35-18 & 235-40-10 Falken tyres. they are a staggered setup at the moment, 8.5-9.5 But have a spare set of outer lips to make a square 9.5 set which...
  3. A

    TYRES...Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. I want to know if anyone has any ide

    Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. Its a 2016 model.I want to know if anyone has any idea what is the biggest size tyres I could fit the rims that wont catch on the Van? I am going to go for off rd tyres so ideally a load rating would be good to know also. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. Doodle

    Optimistic split rims

    I know they don't exactly grow on trees, but this asking price is rather taking the p*ss. :eek: Genuine 17" AMG Aero O.Z 3pc Split Rim Alloy Wheels - Mercedes SL,R129,W126,500E | eBay
  5. M

    18" amg bbs r129 sl / w124 500e split rims

    Stunning set of amg 2-piece splits I've decided to let go as I'm going to keep my e31 for the foreseeable. Not used and boxed since refurb. 8.5j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1502 bbs rt105 (fronts) 10j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1702 bbs rt106 (rears) Have plenty more pictures if you wish to see more...
  6. MSG2004

    Allot wheels cleaning inner rims

    Hello My brand new gle bought in April 2016 - I washed by hand myself almost every week until it was keyed. I made sure the wheels were cleaned almost every weeks and car washed at least three times a month - so no pitting on deep alloys 265 45 20. Since keyed only had washed twice and last...
  7. M

    tyre widths on 8.5/9.5 20" rims - CLS

    I need some new tyres! my car is a 2006 W219 CLS and is fitted with replica AMG 20" wheels. currently i have 265/30's on the back and 255/30's on the front. both appear to be the recomended sizes for the rim widths (8.5 front and 9.5 rear) but the tyres look very stretched - particularly on...
  8. B

    w202 | rims bolts and tyre

    Guys I have a w202 featuring 15inch rims and tyres. I have bought 16inch ones from a sport version They are 7J 16 H2 ET37 5x112 They are basicaly compatible with my model 2 questions : My actual bolds are too short. They are 50mm long. What lengh should i buy for those rims...
  9. M

    Looking for some Rims !

    Looking for some 19" or 20" 5x112 alloy wheels. Some offers please ?:dk:
  10. M

    Body kit & Rims

    Hello everyone ! I'm new here and also new on a forum. I'm looking for some nice 19" or 20" Alloy Wheels for my MB CLS 320CDI from 2007. If anyone have for sale, please send some photos and details. Thank you !
  11. T5R+

    245 on 8J and 8.5J Rims

    Need to refurb my wheels 245/40 x 18 on 8 x 18 Front 264/35 x 18 on 8.5 x 18 Rear and have the option to run my car on 245/45 x 18 on 8 x 18 Front 245/45 x 18 on 8.5J x 18 Rear for a couple of weeks whilst mine are away. Appreciate that the 245/45 are marginally taller and may foul...
  12. D

    R230 SL500 on 19" rims anyone?

    Today I drove an SL500 for the first time and found the suspension decidedly unlike a magic carpet, even on comfort. The car has lovely 19" AMG alloys - 285/35 rear and 255/35 front - but from the factory came with 17". Anyone run an R230 with ABC on 19" rims who can comment on what effect the...
  13. M

    Nice rims for an r129 sl or w124 500e

  14. B

    A207 changing rims and tyres

    Hi, I have standard 5 spoke 18" alloys on my E250 cabrio and hoped to change to a nicer style (in my opinion). Tyres at the moment are standard I think at 255/25 & 235/40 on 8/8.5 staggered rims. I have seen some used ones I like which are 255/45 & 235/50, would the increased diameter (about...
  15. Lenny63

    Who has a set of genuine clk63 rims?

    As above Thanks
  16. Grovsie31

    18" AMG Style IV Rims off C55

    Hi all, as title, 18" rims off my C55. They are gunmetal grey with a silver lip. There isn't a mark on the spokes, 1 is perfect, the other 3 have tiny damage courtesy of ****ers at tyre fitting garages, and a tiny bit of kerb damage. Ive repaired it to a average standard, you can barely notice...
  17. IMD

    AMG Split Rims back from refurbishment :-)

    Hi all, I've just picked up and fitted my AMG split rims that I had refurbished by Lepsons. Loving them! I took a bit of a chance with the whole thing, but all worked out well. Firstly, I bought the wheels unseen on Ebay late last year. I then had them delivered to a friends, as I live...
  18. T

    17/18 inch Brabus Split Rims /replicas or similar wanted

    Loved the Look of these on a CLK I nearly bought until I was seduced by the V8 I eventually bought . I am still hankering after the wheels . Anyone got a set going cheaply:D or something similar Boyd
  19. Grovsie31

    Wanted AMG IV 19 split rims

    As title. Would prefer good condition obviously.
  20. Bleazzy

    Refurbing 3 piece split rims

    Looking to get my alloys refurbed ,they are 3 piece split rims ! Any recommended guys in the east Anglian area ?
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