1. B

    W221 abs ring (reluctor?)

    Hope this is in the right place, I've posted on a few forums without much luck so hopefully somebody here can help :-) I have taken the plunge and purchased a 2006 69,000 mile S320 CDi Now as the car has not done a lot of miles and did lie up for a bit so I have been slowly working my...
  2. J

    Front wheel bearing rear seal abs ring???

    Hello gents. Upon inspecting my recent abs sensor problem I noticed that the reading kept falling to 2km/h every few seconds and setting the abs esp defective codes. Code was front right speed sensor visually inspect component. Pulled the hub and noticed the rear seal is missing rubber. Is...
  3. N

    OM606 EPC light on after shut off valve O ring replacement.

    A friend has a '98 W210 E300 TD saloon that had a pretty bad leak from the O ring on the fuel shut off valve. He replaced the O ring, put everything back together & after a lot of cranking the car fired up. He nearly flattened the 210's battery, then hooked a running car up to the 210's battery...
  4. petecb

    W211 rear abs/reluctor ring replacement

    Hi guys , looking to see if anyone has had hands on experience with replacing a rear reluctor ring on an e500 w211 . I have viewed several videos on the procedure and all looks pretty straight forward . It's a hub off job but all looks pretty easy. The reason why I ask is that I had a local...
  5. D

    W211 rear brakes ring spanner size

    Can anyone tell me what size(s) of ring spanner I need to remove the rear brake hoses? Obviously want to make sure I have everything I need before disconnecting anything. Also, any other tips on this job would be appreciated, car failed the MOT on rusty brake pipes up in the wheel wells. I've...
  6. A

    W208 Fastest fix for - Missing rear reluctor ring

    Hello, I'm looking for help please. I need to work out which is faster to change: the rear reluctor ring on 2001 CLK 230 K OR the whole (half) drive shaft? Bought it needing MOT'D started reading the forums have replaced speed sensor, cleaned out Mass, done brake light switch. Finally got a...
  7. M

    The C63 doing its thing on the Ring

    Car was fantastic...no other way to put it. Started out with 6f/5r on the PSS10s and went up to 7/6. On the AD08R I managed consistent 9.02-9.05 but with the R888R this dropped to consistent 8.44-8.48 laps. Optimal lap (all best splits on one lap was a 7.50 BTG). I'll add a few more vids of...
  8. uumode

    Geo ring fencing alerts after MB connect me app upgrades

    I found that after MB refreshed their connect me app, My geo ring fencing alert emails have stopped. Anyone else find they are not getting the alert emails when car exits or enters the specified geo fence?
  9. M

    AMG GT Nurburgring 24 Hour - Dramatic Ring endurance race Last Lap

    AMG GT Nurburgring 24 Hour - Dramatic Ring endurance race Last Lap 7qtlKCtPo74
  10. H

    easiest way to fit w208 reluctor ring?

    My W208 has a broken NS rear ABS reluctor ring, I have ordered a new one and I was wondering which way is easiest to fit it - either remove the drive shaft or remove the hub assembly ? anybody done this on a w202/208 before? Many Thanks
  11. flango

    Inside the ring

    If you have not seen it there is a programme on Thursday evening on National Geographic called "Inside the ring" all about car testing and pushing cars to their limits. Just thought I would give you the heads up
  12. P

    W140 coupe abs ring

    Simple question, has anyone replaced just the ring rather than the entire driveshaft? If so where did you find the ring? Thanks folks Phil
  13. E

    Tap gland/packing/sealing ring - any plumbers on here?

    Not as straightforward as it might seem, to me at least. I have a swivelling kitchen mixer tap, on which the swivelling head is secured into the body of the tap by a nylon ring/gland/packing/washer/collar :dk: which is in turn secured by a grub screw. With time, the ring etc. has worn, and the...
  14. B

    Abs ring s211 e270cdi

    Hi all Any guides on removing driveshafts to replace magnetic abs rings? Thanks
  15. M

    W126 ring gear question

    I am looking for a bit of info as to weather I can fit w124 gear into a gen 2 w126 diff. It is for a project as I want to fit an m104 into my w126. Thanks in advance lads
  16. C

    break in fibre optic most ring

    hi all my comand has just told me no cdc no tv no phone so think most ring is broken somewhere any ideas how I can find out where many thanks
  17. Mistreku

    2001 CLK 230 crankshaft pulley ring fitment/suggestions?

    Hello boys and girls, Just ordered a crankshaft pulley ring for my car (facelift 230 kompressor) in order to increase the boost a bit. How hard is it to fit? Is it a DIY job? I'm fairly handy with the spanners but not exactly a mechanic. Anything to keep in mind when fitting the ring? Any...
  18. mat8n

    Taking the SL round the ring....

    ..... Of kerry that is. Half way round today, had the weather so far. Staying in Killarney for a few days and doing the tourist thing :D
  19. A

    W123 self levelling suspension - 'O' ring kits

    I have a few of these available, if anyone is contemplating refreshing their SLS valve to cure overnight sag due to internal leakage. It comprises 5 'O' rings. Nothing else is usually needed. It's an easy job... compared to getting all the pipe unions off and removing it from the car. £5...
  20. B

    W140 ABS warning light / relucter ring

    Hit a bump in the road and my ABS warning light came on , the steering often goes heavy now and the ABS light is mostly on all the time. A Merc specialist says the Relucter ring on the driveshaft has split and the whole unit needs to be replaced as this ring is a fixture to the shaft - £700 +...
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