1. GeeJayW

    RIP Walter Becker.. :(

    Steely Dan's Walter Becker dies aged 67 - BBC News Very sad to hear this news. Been a big fan of Steely Dan for several decades now.
  2. markjay

    RIP Brian Aldiss
  3. markjay

    RIP Jerry Lewis
  4. bob6600

    R.I.P Malcolm aka Television

    Just been posted on the other side, very sad news. Malcolm passed away this afternoon. RIP
  5. ringway

    R.I.P. Glen Campbell.

    What a great shame. LINK. Such a fantastic voice and Wichita Lineman is a real favourite of mine. If you haven't heard the Radio 4 Soul Music episode about Wichita Lineman, here it is. LINK.
  6. BaldGuy

    Rip off dealer Service

    Speaking with a colleague in the office this morning about his 2009 C Class Coupe with a gearbox issue... He's not a car person and always uses main dealer for everything. He'd noticed over a week that changes were getting worse and one morning it wouldn't change up into higher gears, he got to...
  7. markjay

    RIP Martin Landau
  8. grober

    Barry Norman RIP

    Film critic Barry Norman dies - BBC News
  9. J

    Small rip in e class leather seats

    Hi all. i just bought an e class and at the time of purchase it wasnt visible that there is a rip in the drivers leather seats. i bought it home yesterday and was sunny in an open car park and noticed there is a slight tear in the leather seats. is there anyway i can get it repaired...
  10. 219

    RIP Adam West

    Batman dead . Another childhood legend gone .
  11. Benzmanc

    Peter Sallis RIP

    Goodbye Clegg and Wallace RIP Peter Sallis: Last of the Summer Wine actor dies aged 96 - BBC News
  12. 219

    RIP Princess Diana

    "A truly British girl" Lest she be forgotten . 20 years ago today . Shame on her "husband" . And may her memory live forever in the hearts of her sons and her subjects .
  13. whitenemesis

    John Noakes R.I.P.

    Blue Peter presenter dies at 83yrs old after battling with dementia. Another one gone ...:(
  14. R

    RIP Roger Moore
  15. W

    RIP John Surtees...........what a sad day!

    John surtees Just heard that John Surtees has died.
  16. markjay

    Sir John Hurt RIP

    Sir John Hurt: Bafta-winning actor dies aged 77 - BBC News
  17. toolman1954

    Rip peter sarstedt age 75

    Singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt dies aged 75 - BBC News Only last week there was a music program on BBC4 and he played "Where do you go to my lovely " and at the time I thought how old is he now.? A visit to his website showed he was suffering from some debilitating illness and could no...
  18. R

    RIP Debbie Reynolds
  19. bob6600

    Carrie Fisher joins the list - RIP

    2016 just isn't a good year for celebs Carrie Fisher dies aged 60 just days after being rushed to the hospital * | Daily Mail Online
  20. R

    RIP George Michael

    Ex-Wham singer George Michael dies - BBC News
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