1. Pitts Pilot

    RAC Renewal Rip-off

    My RAC Breakdown Cover came up for renewal. The letter showed a price of £371. How much? I thought. So this morning I got on to the RAC website and filled out a quote. It came to £261. I hit the roof! I have just called up and blasted the RAC for trying to rip me off to the...
  2. D

    No more Rip-off Britain!

    My Dad used to say we'd soon be charged for the air that we breath. I have reassured him that things haven't got quite that bad (Yet) :bannana:
  3. D

    Starbucks: What a rip-off!

    I was feeling a bit parched earlier and happened to be passing Starbucks so I thought I'd call in for a cup of Rosy-Lee only to find they charge £5 for a pot! So I went to my local greasy spoon cafe where they did me a pot for £2! Came out smelling of chip fat but at least I saved a...
  4. BTB 500

    Main dealer MOT ... ripoff?

    Put the SL in for MOT at M-B Guildford (Tony Purslow) today. Asked if they could also have a look at the accelerator which has always been very slightly 'sticky' - I said I thought it might need a new cable. Requested that the car be ready by 3PM. At 2:20PM I had a call advising the car was...
  5. N

    Rac insurance rip-off

    Hi I put a private plate on my CLK 220 yesterday & informed my insurance company (RAC) of the change. For the privilage they charged me £25 admin fee + £61 fee for 'making the car more desireable' Anyone else heard of this 'more desireable fee'
  6. ringway

    Rip-off Motorway Services?

    Motorway services 'rip-off' drivers Drivers are being ripped off by "greedy" motorway service retailers, according to a survey by What Car? magazine. Motorists pay far more for such items as petrol, food and drink than they would at high street outlets, the survey showed. What Car...
  7. kusanku

    MOT rip-off: what to do?

    I took my car for an MOT test on friday, to a testing centre round the corner from where I work. I have used them before, and the car has always passed. I was really surprised this time to be told that the car had failed due to excessive play in one of the front ball-joints. As I have a local...
  8. timskemp


    OK - so the wife plants an evil thought in my head ... "You've had that car three years don't you want to change"... Of course I don't, why would I want anything but an E class. So today, while picking up a drip stop for the bootlid, I spot a CLK320CDI, Elegance, Tellurite, 2006, 49600...
  9. ackee911

    Phantom rip-off Only room for one, eh? Who'd want a car like this? Rumours are about that Sir Fred has ordered one:rolleyes:
  10. H

    Motorway Rip-off

    Drivers filling up at motorway service stations have been hit the hardest during the recent petrol-price hikes, it has been revealed. Motorway prices have been, on average, nearly 10p a litre higher than supermarket forecourts located just off motorways, according to research by the RAC...
  11. D

    Drivers pay price of great diesel 'rip-off' as oil firms fail to pass back cost savin
  12. K

    MB Service Rip-Off

    I'm just having a rant today against MB dealers, my local MB dealer (Southport, Merseyside) changed me £515.84 the other day for the privilege of getting my W140 S300TD starting again. They also wanted another £100 for a new battery, which had only been replaced 2 months ago. Fortunately they...
  13. B

    Parts Ripoff!

    phoned mercedes today about 4 garnish mouldings for my sclass two for the front and two for the rear and how much?............... i thought about 75-100 tops..but no mercedes beat that £320 inc what i said!!!!! so anyone know where i c source these parts? I will even accept slavage...
  14. R2e

    Stealership Parts Price ripoff

    Imagine the scene - a BMW cuts out in front of you and you want to give him a blast. You punch the centre of the steering wheel and the horns emit a high pitched weedy little sound like Barbara Windsor on helium. Happened to me this morning, so after a little investigation if was obvious that...
  15. Satch

    "Free" vouchers ripoff

    This has been around for a while but is plumbing new depths as Insurance Companies and Brokers are buying into it. Last week got a pack of Discount Vouchers from one of my insurance providers. They were all the useless type of offers and discounts on things few people would really want...
  16. S

    W208 help, stealership ripoff????

    Hi everyone this site has been keeping me entertained during a slow period at work (I mean I havnt been doing any) for 2 days now, V interesting. I have just purchassed a 2000 Clk320 and I am already becoming disillusioned with MB workmanship and customer 'care' if you can call it that. I...
  17. stats007

    Rip-off Centre Caps

    You can buy these from a main dealer at less than £35.00 a full set. Centre Caps
  18. R

    4 Wheel alignment rip-off

    I need to get a 4 wheel alignment done on my car so thought I'd call Mercedes as I've been to a couple of places and they can't do it. Guess how much they want to do it.....No actually, you won't be able to so I'll tell you... They said it will take 2.5 Hours and will cost £115.00 per...
  19. Steve_Perry

    OT: Yet another case of Rip-off Britain.

    OT: Yet another case of Rip-off Britian. BPI force CD-Wow to raise prices Some of you might of heard that the BPI [British Phonographic Industry] were taking legal action against online vendors such as CD-Wow and Amazon for selling cheap CD's. Well the case, against CD-Wow at least, has been...
  20. S

    Phew! - Made it thrugh the 72K rip-off

    I gotta say - my Local dealer has just been a real pleasure to deal with for a change. Was dealt with by a guy called Craig Wilson at Rycroft mercedes on the service desk and it was a real delight to talk to someone who obviously knew about the cars he was dealing with in the service. I ended...
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