1. R

    Ripped the driver's side door mirror off.

    Don't ask..I feel bad enough. Anyway...anybody got a driver's side door mirror for a W215 lying about? TIA
  2. G

    Arrrrrrgh my seats ripped!

    Arrrrrrgh my seats ripped! When I bought my shiny gold Merc about 2 years ago it was in "as new" condition apart from a small tear in the driver's seat, well not to a tear but the stitching and started to come Undone I said I would buy the car if they fix the seat and they fixed it and here...
  3. Bombardier

    Ripped off!

    Still attempting to calm down. Today I had my local Indy fit new Padget Discs and Pads all round on my 2009 C180k, cost £515, I'm happy with that and have absolutely no problem with either the work or the price. However when I went to collect it he asked me if I'd had my brake pipes replaced...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Petrol to go up 4ppl?

    BBC News - Petrol price 'may go up 4p' as retailers urge review :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Also, this time last year the difference between Petrol & Diesel was only around 5p, now its 9p a litre :doh:
  5. J

    Merc owners getting ripped off for oil?

    I have a facelift 2003 S320 cdi s class 5 Litre Engine oil to Merc specs only costs £20 from ASDA 5 litre Engine Oil, Triple QX, presumably to Merc Specs on line is £17.99 so why does merc recoommended Mobil 1 cost £42 on amazon and it comes with a rrp of over £80 dread to think what the main...
  6. M

    We certainly get ripped off over here...

    Just looking at the US site while ours is down and a US C350 Sport comes with memory pack, HK sound system, heated seats as standard for £27,000 ($42,000) The keyless go is only £420, less the half the price over here!
  7. P

    ALMOST ripped off by garage

    Folks, any chance of some advice for a new bloke here? We bought out Mercedes C180K Sport Estate just over a year ago from a nice dealer down in Bournemouth. Got the car for not too much money with our horrible Citroen C4 and crappy Nissan Skyline in p/ex. Apart from fuel economy (or...
  8. M

    How do you NOT get ripped off at a garage?

    Can anybody wise or old (or otherwise knowledgeable) kindly tell me how to not get ripped off by a garage. You can guess my concerns, as I drive a bmw E90, and it's a teeth sucking magnet whenever I approach a garage. I'm simply fed up of going to the blinking BM garage where I live which is...
  9. kusanku

    Getting ripped off with claim

    I am about to get ripped off with an insurance claim. Last July, I was going straight ahead at a roundabout onto the M5, when a driver in the left hand lane cut into my lane, clearly not having checked his blind spot, and clipped the front wing of my car with the rear of his. At the time, we...
  10. M

    Am I being ripped off?

    I took my W124 estate to a local garage today that I have used before and asked them to sort out the leaking fuel tank A few hours later, they rang me back and said they could send the tank off to a specialist who could repair it for £230. I told them to go ahead with it but now I'm not so...
  11. D

    Getting ripped off by energy companies!

    Hi all, Just a wee rant i have to make, currently with scottish power, and finding price has sky-rocketed over the years. Any reccomendations?, i am in scotland. Thanks, Digi p.s. Mabye when we have a scottish PM, he might bring the enery costs down! Hopefully!
  12. A

    ML350 at £7500 buy it now - who want's to be ripped off?

    Who want's to be ripped off this time? Looks like a hijacked account...
  13. B

    Ripped OFF!!

    Guys i just wanted to share my experience with you. Its a long story but i will try and make it as brief as possible. As like all of you i am a merc enthusiast as well so i thought i will make my way into the merc world with a W202. So i went ahead and bought 1995 c180 Manual...
  14. phoenix_nights

    W124 - Merc Star ripped off

    The day had to come i suppose. My Merc bonnet star (what do you call it..the gun sight thingy on the bonnet) was ripped off last night. Put in such a bad bloody mood. So whats the story about getting it replaced. I guess i can pick up one from the scrappers but does it have to be a facelift...
  15. agriff

    Ripped Off

    I made the mistake of taking my C220 Cdi (99) into a main dealer. It cost me £135.00 to have a headlamp adjusted and to be told that I needed to replace an injector. I took the car away from them not wishing to have to sell my house to pay their stupid prices and went to an injector...
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