1. V8AMG

    Daimler UK recall - fire risk

    http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/mercedes-benz-recall-75000-uk-cars-over-fire-risk Unfortunately looks like the UK will have a significant number of recalls.
  2. gr1nch

    Is there a risk making your car's VIN number public?

    Apologies, this one turned out longer than I'd expected, as the concept came up that VINs could also help thieves steal our beloved cars to order... Yesterday my M-B dealer sent me the VIN of my car which is being built in a week or so (hooray!). I was about to upload the VIN into that...
  3. developer

    Mortgages And Flood Risk

    Some advice please guys. We're looking at a property, however, a Groundsure environmental search has revealed it has a medium risk from river flooding and a high risk from surface water flooding. This means it's been given a Black 1 JBA Insurability rating. River Flooding (Medium Risk) We...
  4. The _Don

    15 million UK jobs at risk from robots, warns Bank of England

  5. uumode

    Risk of Mercedes being hacked? Or scaremongering?

    Keyless entry and connected / online vehicles apparently at risk according to this article Hackers Force Carmakers to Boost Security for Driverless Era - Bloomberg Business
  6. Merc Owner 2B

    Landlords - Any Experience of Legionella Risk Assessments?

    As above. I'm being led to believe that all landlords have to comply with this H&S legislation. Can we do it ourselves (competent plumber) or do we need specialists?
  7. I

    Taking a risk

    I'm sure there'll be some questions asked if the water gets any higher. Could be looked upon as good advertising though as the pic does the rounds online.
  8. C

    Should I risk a CVT

    I have run screaming from a VW with failing DSG (google it) to a manual C class. Now my other half needs to run away from her Auris with failing MMT (yes google that too). She would like a B class but only drives autos, I have that sinking feeling, is it going to be another fiasco? I can...
  9. st13phil

    Risk posed by driving in Ugg boots 'entirely foreseeable’

    Four month ban for Dangerous Driving after woman loses control of car through Ugg boot getting stuck under brake pedal. So, as well as being a style disaster, they're dangerous too :thumb: On a more serious note, it's quite scary the lack of thought that (mainly) women give to how their...
  10. C

    Glycol - is my potential purchase at risk?

    Hi all, Newbie first post - arrange to view a Merc CLK 500 tomorrow and wondering if im at risk from this Glycol issue ref the Valeo Radiators. I`ve searched and am finding it difficult to clarify as my car has a date on the V5 of 01/09/03 VIN number is WDB2093752F071211 Can...
  11. M

    Cheap ATF fluid, worth the risk?

    I'm sure I know what the majority of opinions will be, but here goes anyay!! Halfords are currently selling 5ltrs of Comma ATF fluid for £15 which means I can change the fluid in my car for £30 (plus filter and gasket). The fluid is DEXRON 11/11D/11E/111 spec so should be up to the job. Has...
  12. tali

    Car insurance postcode risk database

    Post Code Risk calculator for any insusrance group in the UK with Visitcars This is a good one - says i'm 1692 out of 1697- i reckon i'm 1698 out of 1697!!! :wallbash::wallbash: Car Insurance Buster: Check average costs in your postcode | This is Money
  13. drivebyabuser

    2004 CLK55 AMG - Risk

    Is it a real risk to buy a pre 2005 facelift CLK55 Amg Seen a nice 2004 one for good money, all the toys etc. I know they were greatly improves post facelift but how bad were they pre? Latest Used Cars For Sale in Chandlers Lane, Chandlerscroft - Exoticar GB Ltd I am struggling to sell...
  14. tpwuk

    Great value or massive risk?

    2003 53 reg MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO ESTATE 470 BHP on eBay (end time 02-Oct-10 08:06:33 BST)
  15. Honey Bear

    Safe bet or high risk? Getting back into education.

    I'm thinking of getting back into education. I know it's the right choice but I thought I would see what all of you think. I'm not happy with my current role. Technically I am an interim building manager, because I generally work alone and my role is geared towards the upkeep of properties...
  16. Satch

    Toyota halts sales of new Lexus SUV over 'safety risk'

    Toyota halts sales of new Lexus SUV over 'safety risk' - Telegraph Hm. This is the Lexus GX460 which is sold in Europe and elsewhere as the Toyota Land Cruiser. Now I have the preceding model which is 2.5 tonnes of ladder chassis long travel suspension off roadyness and not terribly...
  17. jjoe

    W202 C220 CDI fuel leak risk

    Hi, I have a W202 1999 C220 CDI which appears to have a fuel leak at the injectors of cylinders 1 & 2. There is an accumulation of about 1 millimeter of diesel on the cylinder head in the well for the injector on cylinder 1 and about half that around cylinder 2. Around cylinders 3 & 4 it is...
  18. M

    Out-of-date Marmite - worth the risk?

    Just found an unopened jar of loverly Marmite. Use-by date is August 2008. Do we think it's just a legal requirement, and there's nothing in Marmite to go bad? Looks and smells fine. Or is there some peculiar yeast-based nasty in there, just waiting to attack a chap's alimentary canal?
  19. Sorry Pete

    Driving like a Jerk actually reduce the risk of traffic jams

    Just for fun guys: Driving like a Jerk actually reduce the risk of traffic jams
  20. ShinyF1

    W210 Rust [at the risk of being boring]

    Just cleaned the green hearse and on close inspection, can see that the 3 of 4 wheel arches - with a strong suspicion about the 4th - have succumbed to the dreaded rot on the inside lip. And I thought I had a fairly clean example... It just shows that rust on these is not a matter of 'IF' but...
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