1. ringway

    What the River Told Me. Thames Water Radio.

    A super radio documentary by the Cathy Fitzgerald. I think her productions are brilliant and she is ultra-gifted in her field. LINK. Radio waves are usually picked up using a metal aerial and then converted to an electric signal which is played through speakers. Thames Water Radio uses a jet...
  2. grober


    BBC's new crime thriller on Beeb 1 at 9pm Tuesday.. - he drives a MERC W140! BBC iPlayer - River - Episode 1
  3. mickday

    The Endless River - first listen

    Well after much anticipation I got an email from Amazon saying my copies of Pink Floyd - The Endless River would be delivered today I also got another email saying I could listen to it online now, which is what I have been doing this morning I have to say I am enjoying it very very much...
  4. regbuser

    Ovingham Bridge, River Tyne

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Was running late on appointments and set the sav for 'direct route' between Prudhoe and Gosforth Ovingham Bridge I can confirm that a X218 with 285s on the back doesn't fit very well (or rather, fits very snugly) It wasn't the stone quoins at each end, nor...
  5. Sp!ke

    River Pageant Question for our very own lock keeper

    I was just wondering if you had any knowledge of what traffic would be heading through Teddington lock and when. I'm most definitely not going to treck up to town to watch this but if there's going to be lots of traffic coming down from upstream, I thought it might be nice to picnic by the...
  6. verytalldave

    Dartford river crossing new toll charges

    Please see table below for new charges to be introduced. This is despite a promise to remove the tolls once the crossings had been paid for.
  7. Howard

    Beemer in the River

    Not at my lock , but at Penton Hook Lock , just outside Staines ... BBC - In pictures: Finding a car in Penton Lock As you can see , the Environment Agency removed the car from the river as gently as possible :rolleyes: :D
  8. verytalldave

    Dartford River Crossing tolls

    Just come through tonight about 11pm and it was FREE. Looked it up and its free all night between 10pm and 6am for all vehicles. Dont remember seeing this in the press or news. Did you know? http://dartfordtunnel.toolazy.me.uk/ I KNOW it should be free anyway, but at least its better than a...
  9. glojo

    Crossing river fords

    I have just watched old footage of cars being washed away in the Cornish village of Boscastle. What caught my eye was the level the cars were floating. The water was just about level with the lower door seals! What that tells me is that if any of us get too adventurous when crossing a ford...
  10. SEM

    Splash Nav £96k Merc Guided into river

  11. Howard

    Range Rover Sport stuck in River ....

    Don't know if this was on the news Last week , a chap in his brand new Range Rover Sport (like Matts) was sitting in traffic in Putney (i think) with his girlfriend. He decided he didn't want to sit in traffic any more so swung a U-turn by driving down onto the foreshore of the river , where...
  12. R

    River thames gtg. Sat 17th Sept 05

    Was i right in thinking there might be a evening GTG in kingston to look at a lock gate and some ducks ?
  13. Sp!ke

    Teddington River Festival

    Right, off to see if I can spot Howard at the Teddington River Festival. What are my chances I wonder :confused: http://www.teddingtonriverfestival.com/
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