1. grober

    New forth road bridge

    The new Forth road bridge is due to be opened by the Queen this Wednesday. Queensferry Crossing to open on 30 August - BBC News
  2. A

    Private Road query - issue with neighbouring property

    Any property law experts (or pointers to anyone that is knowledgeable in this area)? The road that we live in a private road (not maintained by the council). A neighbouring property has just applied to the council to relocate their vehicular access from the main road and into our road. This...
  3. Marvin16x

    Marvin's UK road trip #4

    Hello everyone, it's that time of the year again ... Marvin's praying for good weather because he's looking to leave Germany for another three-week-or-so UK road trip in less than two weeks. This time I'll have my folding bike attached to the roof rack so it will actually be used instead of...
  4. MercedesDriver

    My annual 2000 mls road trip

    Epping 4.15am It's still dark, car was loaded yesterday and I only hope I haven't forgot something. 1,2,3,4 all in and we are ready to go. Sat nav estimates 1h45min to Folkestone and there are no reported accidents. Perfect. A406 A13 M25 M20 should be a nice ride at this time of a day...
  5. T

    2017 Bianchi Freccia Celeste - 53mm - Alu-Carbon Mens Road Bike

    As much as it pains me to do this i'm putting my 2017 Bianchi Freccia Celeste up for sale as not being the fittest guy I find the race geometry a little too aggressive for me, I need a more racing endurance setup like my old Via Nirone was. Full info on this model can be found here if you're...
  6. brucemillar

    Ready for the road. Bring it on !!

    My 30 year old 4-Matic made to look young by my 45 year old Raleigh Chopper.
  7. Eddy77

    Road Trip Video - CLK 350 in the Alps

    A video from my recent trip to the Alps: Thoroughly recommended. 2,200 miles in seven days. Zero problems with either car (CLK and a 911). Enjoy!
  8. estate-agent

    General Grabber AT's 17" off road tyres.

    4 x 225-65-17 General Grabber All Terrain tyres. Knobbly off road tyres, nearly new so tons of tread, no damage whatsoever, these were on a Honda CRV I purchased but they were too noisy for my liking and I don't count school runs or going to the office as "off roading" so they have to go...
  9. T

    2016 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora - 55cm - Alu-Carbon Road Bike - PX/Swap Fixie

    my Bianchi Via Nirone Sora up for sale. This is the first 'proper' bike before I bought my Freccia Celeste earlier in the year. 2016 model and size 55cm. In really good condition as can be seen in the photos. Hasn't had much use, for the past six months is it's been at my brothers house on...
  10. 190

    Sucessful reduction of road noise

    I've always noticed at motorway speeds that there was more a little more road noise coming from the rear on the near side compared to the off side. After 2 years of ownership I decided to investigate by removing the rear seat squab to see if there was anything obvious that could be rectified...
  11. T

    1995 R129 sl320 owner...French Road Trip... during a 3 month stay in Provence last summer I purchased the aforementioned sl320...with a tight brief ( original Saco design, cream interior and low miles) I identified a 56k mile car which following much discussion I bought unseen in the flesh...collecting it on return to the UK...
  12. M

    Surrey Rolling Road

    Took my C63 AMG PP down to Surrey Rolling Road in Farnborough this morning to check its power output prior to getting a remap done. The factory figures are 487bhp for my model but it showed 528bhp on the dyno, which according to Charlie the operator, indicates that it has already been...
  13. splitpin

    Car dealers & road tax

    If you buy a secondhand car from a dealer & the road tax expired some months ago, who is liable for the unpaid tax :dk:
  14. french

    Can't get down Ar' road?

    Just tried to come home here is sunny Bristol, Armed police have cordoned off road 1 people carrier with about 8 Police vehicles, people being pushed onto ground & held. People have said the people carrier was being followed by a helicopter & then all hell broke loose. They have probably gone...
  15. Eddy77

    Das Road Trip, Ja!

    So on 9th June I'm off on a nice little road trip. It's my 40th Birthday this year so me and my best buddy are meeting up and doing a convoy roadtrip of the "Alpenstrasse" or "German Alpine Road". It runs from Lake Constance in SW Germany right across through the Bavarian Alps to Austria...
  16. Gentabout

    Road trip

    Looking for some thoughts from those that might have been. We are planning a 10 day trip down to southern France and then in to the alps at the end of the month to play with the new toy and do a bit of geocaching. We have a bit of a plan of what roads we want to drive at the moment but with...
  17. gaz_l

    Cars you've owned that are still on the road

    Greetings, Citizens. I love the MOT history checker & use it all the time. It's got to be one of the most useful things for checking out "potential purchases", how did we live without it? But it has other uses as well, such as amusement. For some reason today I was reminded of a car I used to...
  18. N

    Road rage enjoy the instant karma
  19. S

    Mercedes CLK W208 chirping noise from dash when on very bumpy road

    Hi, Now that I have my car running well again I thought I'd address an long standing issue that I've ignored. When travelling over a bumpy road I can hear a chirping / squeaking noise from the central dash area. Has anyone experienced something similar and know what it might be...
  20. M

    E63 Exhaust sound on the road.

    Hi All, When I got my C63 I done a video of the exhaust whilst driving, finally got out today with the E63 to do the same. Surprising how very quite it is until its under load. Please excuse the pretty rough editing. C63 for comparison for...
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