1. Frankor

    W212 2014 E-Class Power for Roadangel

    Looking for some advice on an ignition live supply for my Road Angel: - I don't want to have to penetrate the forward bulkhead, so would like to pick up an ignition live supply from either the power socket in the centre console, or the overhead console. Problem is I cannot see how to gain access...
  2. Venomous

    Does anyone have views on the RoadAngel 9000?

    Just saw this, and wondered if any members had one or views... Thanks Brian
  3. D

    Aerial for RoadAngel

    Hi, I have an S class Mercedes and want to fit the RoadAngel to it. Problem is that the glass does not allow the GPS signals to penetrate it and you need an external aerial. I went down to Thames Car Radio today and their suggestion was to fit the aerial on the drivers side at the base of the...
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