1. NW_Merc

    Roadrage? Not with this.......

    ULTIMATE Dual-Cab Hilux Show truck/ MONSTER TRUCK! | eBay UK
  2. J

    I call this police brutally and roadrage

    Policemen suspended for 'smash and grab' raid on disabled man's Range Rover | Mail Online Bet you they can get away with it. They should be banned.
  3. E

    Roadrage at it's best!
  4. prprandall51

    Driving, incidents, roadrage

    Speeding, accidents, women drivers.... They are all covered in this completely riveting read that I am partway through at the moment: The book calls...
  5. anarchy-inc

    roadrage at Tesco's

    I had another incident this afternoon IN the Tesco carpark. A guy pulled out and nearly took my front wing off. I honked my dissaproval of his stupid move and carried on. Then I notice him in my mirror, slamming on the brakes, puts it in reverse and nearly slams into the lady behind him. :eek...
  6. Alps

    roadrage by cr*p driver

    have to tell you guys about this one i was driving down the A12 back to my other halfs place, must have been cruising at approx 85, when i was about to pass a silver astra who seemed to be driving normally in the left hand lane, all of a sudden he pulls out in front, but i read the situ and...
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