1. Wagon

    Roast chestnuts

    Toasty :)
  2. Spinal

    Roast Suckling Pig Picblog (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)

    Ok, so as requested, I'm going to upload pictures of the suckling pig as it comes along. I just came back from the butcher and started the brining/marinade process. This thread will be graphical, and the pictures will be disturbing if you have never seen where meat comes from. If meat to you...
  3. SportsCoupeRich

    Guiness & Roast Dinners

    At lunch today someone mentioned a pint o' guiness has the same calorie count as a roast dinner. i would like to announce thai i will no longer be eating roast dinners, but will happily have a guiness on a sunday if any of you are buing! :D :D :D :bannana:
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