1. M

    Ricciardo was robbed!

    Disgraceful performance in Danny R's last pit stop, team robbed him of victory. Gotta feel for the guy.:doh:
  2. D

    I feel robbed by oil price. W204 200CDI

    I have just had 3 year service and MOT done by Mercedes dealership. Oil charged: 6.5 litres of Low Ash @ £16.99/Lit = £93.47 + VAT = £112.16 Washer Fluid Additive: £4.17 + VAT = £5.00 The most...
  3. J

    Been robbed at Islington

    Wonder how many got robbed while driving one night in the dark at 134 Englefield Road, Islington N1.:( What the purpose of this diamond area? I thought the wide is meant for a bicycle to keep to the left lane:dk:. If they do not anyone to drive in the diamond area at least raised a kerb to...
  4. The Boss

    Just Robbed at Gun point

    Just heard from my parents in Africa that they were robbed some 2 hours ago (in Africa, not here) Three gunmen were waiting outside the gates to our house and as they approached the house, the men came out of the grass verges and attacked.. All are ok, no physical harm, car was taken, but my...
  5. C

    Endowment Problem!! I'm being robbed by a PLC!

    Not sure if anyone here can offer any advice, but here goes... I have an endowment with a well known Insurance company (now PLC) started 16 years ago. Every year or so I call up to see what the surrender value is to decide whether to carry on with it or not, its not expeceted to cover the...
  6. D

    Robbed of £600 worths of petrol

    Can you guys please enlighten me with your experience. I have been alerted by Barclaycard two weeks ago, someone had fraudulently cloned my card and used it to buy petrol around Blackburn, Lancashire and Haslingden while I live in East Anglia. I never even heard of Haslingden, now I know where...
  7. Steve_Perry

    I've just been robbed - a.k.a I had my car serviced at dealer (Long Post).

    Well after the good run I've had of late MB have finally had their revenge. Before I detail how they've justified ripping a large gaping hole in my bank account, I must say that the customer service was good, they brought up the details of my car on their database and reminded me of all the...
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