1. grober

    the man from Uncle Robert Vaughn dies at 83

    As per title Robert Vaughn has passed away. He also acted in many movies over his career---- notable were the gunfighter who lost his nerve in the Magnificent Seven, the sleazy politician in Bullit and perhaps one of his most sympathetic roles the German Major in the excellent Bridge at...
  2. M

    Russian Mercedes Prank With DTM Driver Robert Wickens - Video

    Russian Mercedes Prank With DTM Driver Robert Wickens [YOUTUBE HD]dWGIRYz7VR4[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. grober

    Robert Ebert RIP

    Writing up to the end the closing sentence on his final blog post, two days before his death, said, "So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies." Thus ended Robert Ebert one of the most influential and literary movie...
  4. grober

    Robert Kubica returns- gradually

    I was heartened to read of Robert Kubica's return to motor sport today in the F1 racing magazine. There's an interview and some footage of him driving a DTM merc here. BBC Sport - Robert Kubica hopeful of Formula 1 return He has also driven competitively for Citroen in a WRC C4 rally...
  5. Red C220

    The Great Euro Crash with Robert Peston

    BBC iPlayer - The Great Euro Crash with Robert Peston Did anyone else watch this last night? If you didn't it gives a laymans terms explanation of why we're in the mess we are in Europe right now. After watching this last night I felt if any of us as individuals or businesses had behaved in...
  6. S

    Robert Falcon Scott

    Terra Nova Expedition. Died aged 43. 100 years ago today.
  7. M

    Robert Robinson

    ...RIP SlgqmyB6mW8
  8. ringway

    Happy Birthday Robert Louis Stevenson!

    He would be 160, years old today but.. Happy Birthday Old Chap. :thumb:
  9. Baron_Samedi

    Many Happy Returns Robert!

    Enjoy your special day :thumb:
  10. W

    Robert Saunders & Scumbag

    Am I the only one not understanding the arguments between Robert Saunders and Scumbag? It seems more than friendly banter and if it is I think it's best left outside of the forum.
  11. R

    Robert Burns 250th Anniversary

    Hi Tonight is Burns' night and also the bards' 250th birthday anniversary Just preparing the tumshie but not having haggis - stew, neeps and tatties for me:) Just wondering if anyone else is celebrating Wa's like us
  12. pammy

    Happy birthday Robert Saunders

    Have a great day Homer - enjoy the donuts (or doughnuts) :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  13. M

    Breathe in; that gap's big enough (except for Robert)

    Link Apologies if you have seen this before....but unlikely;)
  14. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday Robert Saunders

    Have a great day mate :bannana:
  15. chriswt

    Unrestorted 6.9 - Pretent your Robert De Niro in Ronin!!! I love these but is this one worth restoring of just a whole world of trouble!?!
  16. pammy

    Happy Birthday - Robert Saunders

    Have a terrific day! :bannana:
  17. F

    Robert and sam

    Robert and Sam were identical twins born in Glasgow in 2003. robert was born before Sam but Sam was older than robert. How come?
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