1. N

    Independant Merc specialist in Middleton ,near Rochdale

    If anyone needs servicing ,repairs etc I can recommend Paul at MPH PRESTIGE in Middleton. Thoroughly nice guy ,who has just sorted my Aircon issue for me at a fraction of the cost of Merc main dealer. I need to be able to trust whoever is working on my car and Paul was a genuine guy who knows...
  2. M

    Mercedes specialist service in Rochdale

    Hi, my 2000 CLK is due for a service B in 200 miles and wanted to give it to someone local. Has anyone tried The Garage in Rossendale as they are the closest Mercedes specialist to me. Are they any good, trustworthy and reliable. Also, what would a service B include? Thanks
  3. MercedesBent

    Anyone in Rochdale fancy earning a quick £50 sat afternoon?

    Just bought this for £3500 off of fleabay 98 S reg Auto 70K miles 3 owners 1st claimed on insurance after 4 months from new as was flooded. next was a garage owner who replaced all interiors and kept it in showroom nic for his wife and had it for 7 yrs 3rd is a retired couple...
  4. C

    Anyone from Rochdale area??

    Just seen this on EBay, wondered if anyone was local to it that knows anything about it or comments welcome on it. Its a bit to far for me to go with the lack of info on it. I have Emailed for more info but so far no reply. Cant risk a near 4 Hour drive with that information. Black CE
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