1. P

    Vito 638 lowering springs / rock roll bed (scotland)

    As per title please
  2. M

    help with c180 komp amg rock hard ride

    can anyone advise of what i can do to make the ride quality better on my car.. its 2010 c180 petrol amg but the ride is simply back breaking.. i have conti sport tyres and every bump is like crashing over bricks or to be blunt its likes driving on square wheels mixed in with the rock hard...
  3. stwat

    New series of Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson!

    9pm tonight on Quest:rock:
  4. gaz_l

    A music question for you - prog rock content..

    I thought I knew my Genesis pretty well but I found this on YouTube and can't identify the piece between 10:58 and 13:15 - can anyone name it? Worth a listen all the way through though IMHO, if you have 20 minutes to spare. _12_-jzqOlE All help appreciated! Cheers, Gaz
  5. G

    Drove into a small rock!

    Hi all, Somebody decided to place a small rock at the front of my driveway where I usually park. Drove in last night without seeing it because it was dark and it got lodged underneath my bumper. It managed to cause an area of quite large white scrapes/scratches just underneath the corner of the...
  6. dan210988

    my dream car at a rock bottom price...sceptical

    1992 Mercedes S600 for sale in Dublin : €1,500 - going to look at a 600SEL over the weekend..guy is only looking for 1500euro with offers allowed... want it as my weekend car,but even still i dont want to buy a lemon. any suggestions guys on what to watch out for...
  7. M

    C350CDi - freshly detailed, and protected with Crystal Rock!

    Hi all, Bit of an introductory post from me this one. I'm a detailer by trade, based in Altrincham, South Manchester, and have joined up on the say so of an existing forum member who is a friend of mine. I'm not sure of her username (yes, a female, and from Manchester if that narrows it down...
  8. D

    Am I Missing Something With The Sale Of Northern Rock?

    'We've' (the taxpayer) sold Northern Rock to Virgin Money for £747m today which will result in a 'paper' loss of between £400m and £650m. Our highly regarded economist of a Chancellor says that this will turn out to be a good deal. Why?
  9. Sp!ke

    Winter Tyres Rock!

    Today I took a longish detour on the way to work as part of my 30 mile commute which included a steep ungritted snow covered hill. Sure enough as I approached the hill up ahead I could see two BMW Mini's, a Citroen C1 a Mondeo and a large panel van scattered randomly, pointing at various...
  10. Spinal

    Rock Climbing Harness

    I need some advice... I haven't been rock climbing since I was 12 years old in Italy, and have agreed to do something very VERY stupid in a few months... So, I'm going to find a climbing wall near my house and get back into things... but my old harness is fraying... and about 12 inches too...
  11. Palfrem

    No more i-drive a rock hard rides

    After a disappointing MB experience with a half finished C220 and a rusting W210 320 cdi I bought an E39 530d. What a car! Loved it. Couldn't find one thing wrong with it. Local BMW dealership managed to talk me into E60 530d. Hated it with a vengeance after E39 Swapped within a week or...
  12. coupe deville

    Rock music and driving

    anybody listening to Radio 2 Ken Bruce this morning about 11.35. I was tootling along at about 35 in a 40 zone when he played Hawkwind's Silvermachine. It brought back memories of the 70's and Camdens Roundhouse and I whacked up the volume. Next thing I know I'm doing 60,:eek: whoah steady boy...
  13. Gollom

    Rock Rivals - final episode

    Suzy Cute has been catching up with stuff on PVR - but the final episode of Rock Rivals is not there!! :eek: Anybody got it/know where it is so I can be Her Hero? Always on the lookout for brownie points! :D
  14. Mudster

    Northern Rock shareholders offer to buy the Labour party

    This made me smile.....sense of humour right up my street
  15. GazCaff

    Gotta love those Rock Apes! Enjoy!
  16. robert.saunders

    Northern Rock Nationalised

    My mortgage is with NR; does this mean Gordon can pop round with a spare key anytime he wants? Is there a law against that? Can I chop his head off with excalibur? Or am I thinking of the King of England...
  17. Swiss Toni

    Northern Rock v Alliance & Leicester

    I am at a slight loss (mentally, if not financially... :rolleyes: ). Northern Rock shares fell due to a panic in the retail sector not really understanding what was going on in the commercial money markets. NR are grossly exposed to commercial lines of credit and there was a suggestion...
  18. grober

    Rock racing USA

    Just a little light entertainment. ;) (warning--might be slow to load) Carbon footprint!!!!!!!!! what carbon footprint????????:rolleyes: Best understatement:- I'M A LITTLE NERVOUS ABOUT THE JUMP!:eek: Competition:- spot the new design of armco...
  19. Gucci

    Schumacher... rock bottom advert

    I'll admit that Schumacher was an awesome F1 driver... yes he 'bent' the rules a bit, took Coulthard by the throat after a collision he didn't cause (good man :devil: )... BUT, his ads for the Fiat vans are REALLY something to be ashamed of! Lordy lord knows why, he certainly doesn't need the money.
  20. L

    G n R at rock in Rio

    Well one of the last great rock bands have now died (IMO) just been watching the RIR coverage on AOL and good lord Axel Rose has lost it... Over weight and out of tune, and he was the best of the "G n R " line up that was on stage!! I minimum requirement should be the ability to play the...
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