1. bigbug

    Sills / Rocker Panels W210

    210 Wagon, she has failed her MOT as the sills are rotten out. Whilst I have found a parts listing, and guessing they may be the same as the Saloon? the bottom sill section part (23) isn't listed anywhere and I cannot find UK supply so am looking at fabrication...
  2. clk320x

    Rocker Cover Gasket + Valeo Rad

    My CLK W209 is a 2003 How can I check if my Vin is affected by the Valeo issue as I'd rather be same than sorry. I believe it's £300 for a new Behr radiator but how do I know peevish owners haven't changed it before? Any easy way to check? Come to think of it though even if it has the Valeo...
  3. brucemillar

    W124 300te Rocker Cover

    Friends I had my 300te rocker cover media blasted and painted to match the bodywork. Very happy with that (at the time). The cover is made from Magnesium Alloy so when all cleaned up from the rubbery plastic coating that Mercedes use at the factory, it is very pitted. I primed it with an...
  4. W

    W211 e320 cdi rocker box

    Hi all, How you all doing? a question please to ask, if you dont mind.. On the W211 e320 cdi the rocker box, to change it / replace it or re-new the gasket, i need to remove the injectors, (yes).? If i do need to remove the injectors & i find out that the bolt holes the the injectors...
  5. Rob77

    Mercedes W124 M103 3.0 3.2 12v 190e W201 AMG Rocker cover

    Real or fake? I say fake.
  6. W

    Rocker arms for m271 engine

    Hi guys,Paul here. Can anyone help me please iv had the usual m271 chain stretched problem and am doing the job myself but im on the look out for 3 rocker arms for the car.also im looking for torque settings for the camshaft cradle. Many thanks Paul
  7. brucemillar

    Paint for a rocker cover

    Folks. I'm about to paint the rocker cover on my 300te. Do I need to use "high temperature paint" ? I don't think it gets so hot that it needs high temp paint. Any thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  8. Andrew W

    Leaking rocker cover

    Well finally got round to resealing my cover That sits on the rocker box , there's no gasket Just sealant that gets brittle , mine was weeping onto the manifold and onto the plugs .E55k
  9. G

    Wanted ml270 cdi rocker cover

    A long shot I know , anyone have one for sale ?
  10. c55

    M104 Rocker Cover & Front Cover

    As per title : Can be from any of the following 280 320 or 36 doesn't matter Front cover must have clips intact Rocker cover any condition will do Thanks
  11. P

    Mercedes Viano - Headlight Washer Rocker Pivot

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone here can help, I'm after the rocker pivot (4 pins) that connects the headlight washer cap to the washer jet on a 2007 Viano/Vito. I've been trawling the net and had no luck. Any advice appreciated, someone stole mine and although I can get the caps they come...
  12. alexanderfoti

    How to - Rocker Cover gaskets and breather reseal M113

    Hi all Did my rocker cover gaskets and resealed the breathers on my M113 the other day so did a write up today, here
  13. D

    C250 CGI 2011 Rocker Gasket

    Hi all, I need help finding a rocker gasket for the above mines leaking and everybody i have spoken too can only find the small one around the spark plug but not the larger one i need Help please this is very frustrating
  14. W

    Rocker cover and exhaust

    Car 2002 320CDi (I6 engine), 158k miles, great service history. At the weekend I had a bit of time to do few car related chores. One of them was to confirm one way or the other that a small oil leak around the turbo is actually from the turbo and not from something else dripping onto the...
  15. C

    w209 rocker cover gasket

    Hi all, had a nasty misfire / warning light episode today. The number 1 spark plug well was full of oil (2 was dry). Looks like I may need a new rocker cover gasket? Can anyone help with a how to? Can I do it myself maybe? Any tips or advice or if anyone knows a good mechanic in the Brighton /...
  16. Y

    Help please can not get rocker cover off 3.0 v6 cdi

    Hii i have taken all bolts off but it does not move is there something i need to do before i try and remove it standing here waiting for your help cheers btw its om642 engine cheers
  17. J532KTT

    2.3 124 Estate Rocker Cover Gasket

    Last post about my bargain 124, I promise... But it's throwing oil out of the rocker cover like no tomorrow... Is it an easy job to change the gasket or do I leave it to a garage? I did one for a friend a while back but that was a Vauxhall Cavalier, the 230TE seems more complex under the...
  18. poormansporsche

    WTD - Early M111 230K Rocker Cover ...

    Like it says, anyone got one knocking about PM me cheers Brett
  19. L

    V6 320 CDI 642 Rocker Cover oil leak

    As subject - Merc. CLS 219 V6 320 CDI 642 (diesel) engine Rocker Cover oil leak - this is leaking from the 2 'dowels' just under the oil cap (driver side). I have been searching for an exploded view of the cylinder heads, or instructions to remove the rocker covers - but to no avail. Any help...
  20. S

    M103 rocker bolt thread

    any advice on this would be very much appreciated. Am doing the old indian rope trick and replacing the valve stem seals. And what a bugger it is. If you don't get the nylon rope in the pot exactly right, then the valve does not hold completely still and you can't get the collets to pop out...
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