1. T

    The CARnival Show 2014, 11 & 12th October, Rockingham

    Hello everyone! I'm here to introduce a new event, The CARnival Show, held at the famous Rockingham Motor Speedway, and see whether MB Club would like to arrange a stand? Saw you had some awesome cars at Trax! The shows a blend of general car culture and enthusiasts, featuring a whole host...
  2. acej

    AMG performance tour Rockingham 24th Sept

    Just received an invite to attend the AMG driving academy track training day at Rockingham. They indicated that this is on track coaching and training with the academy instructors (1st time in uk) and only a couple of customers from each area will be invited and they will be teamed up for the...
  3. W

    Rockingham Wet Handling Day - Saturday 21st May

    MBClub are invited to join at Rockingham on Saturday 21st of May. Blurb from the Rockingham site: Rockingham’s dynamic Wet Grip Area will push you beyond the limit in a unique controlled environment. Combining a kick plate, water walls and a polished surface, so smooth...
  4. JonMad

    Rockingham track day

    Just a quick one to say I finally managed to do a dry track day, after a soaking wet one back in August. Rockingham International Long circuit layout on Saturday with bookatrack. Loads of fun. Car was one of the slower ones there to be honest - those nimble Caterhams, Clio race cars and...
  5. 2

    Rockingham Motor Speedway (midlands) - Event

    would anyone be interested in attending a meet/event I am arranging at Rockingham? Track time will be available on the 2.6 mile international long sports car circuit (not a requirement). 15 minute slots (anything from one slot upwards. Ideal if you want a taster of a...
  6. M

    GT Batle @ Rockingham 25th June - 56k heavy!

    I went to GT battle @ Rockingham yesterday - although my car has been nicked just before the major events we still had a great time. Some of you will remember Adam from the Brunters track day and he did really well. I spent some evenings last week getting his car ready and lending him a few...
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