1. D

    W163 replacement tie rod ends O.E manufacturer

    Hi guys does anyone know which company supplied the O.E spec track rod ends on these vehicles?
  2. T

    Track rod end.

    Can anyone please tell me the thread size and pitch for the track rod end lock nut, on a 2006 w203? Thanks.
  3. petey300dLWB

    T1 307d lost 1st gear. Parts advice. gear link/selector rod bush and clip perished.

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me source parts: I have a T1 motorhome import, 307d 1979 2.4 OM616.934(i think) with a 4 speed box. I recently lost 1st gear on a busy hill which was rather hairy. Managed to roll her back onto the embankment and got underneath to discover one of the...
  4. Rob77

    W124 / S124 Replacement tie rod ends

    Local MB dealer just did a value service on my S124 and it needs a NS outer tie rod end. I intend to buy one myself and get it fitted at a local garage. What's a good make to get? I was thinking Lemforder. Also, is it a good idea to just replace the one or am I better assuming the OS...
  5. grober

    I'll wear it well- arise Sir ROD

    What one Sir Roderick David Stewart said on being knighted today. hQqNUwNNkTo
  6. bob6600

    W210 Tie Rod/Track Rod End

    Need one of these, options are MB Online £60ish del ECP - TRW (Lucas) £30 Ebay - Original MB part for £42 or this FAI to clear for £7.82! TO CLEAR - NEW FAI FRONT RIGHT TIE ROD END / TRACK ROD END SS1147 | eBay I have bought from this seller before and not had an issue, I only learned...
  7. V

    W204 C63 inner tie rod & track rod ends

    Genuine MB parts with receipt. 2 inner tie roads, 2 track rod ends Never got round to fitted them. After £150. All in retail is well over £300. Call 0750 602 8070.
  8. JOHNO978

    Bent Tie Rod

    Good day to you all, A few weeks ago I had to have my C280 (w202) brought home on a recovery truck after the immobiliser decided to freeze...there are no visible towing hooks/eyes on my car as it has the body kit was fitted when I bought it 7yrs ago and never noticed the towing hooks...
  9. pmcgsmurf

    W211 Front Top/Bottom Ball Joint, Control Arm, Track Rod Replacement for MOT

    Hi folks Checked the W211 out at the weekend as it's due an MOT next month. Few things wrong at the front, upper/lower ball joints, track control arm, and track rod ends (mixture of wobbly joints & burst gators). Went ahead today and replaced the offending parts, upper ball joints, control...
  10. D

    are these any good Ocap Axial Rod / Tie Rod

    i have an e350 cdi and the inner tie rods have some play in them and need replacing i went to euro car parts and was going to get lemforder but they don't seem to stock them atm so all they have are these Ocap Axial Rod / Tie Rod are they OK to use thanks
  11. Coddie

    Track, rod, ends.

    Greetings. can anyone lend some assistance. I have just purchased a new track rod for the drivers side of the c180 we have. Its the W203 model. the problem is that the one supplied is incorrect compared to the one that's already fitted. The curve in the casting goes the opposite way. All the...
  12. Dee James

    Tie rod end locking bolts question

    I've had the tie rod s and track rods changed on my 203 ML today and the garage called me to say they didn't come with the locking nuts just normal ones. All of the different types I've seen online are supplied with normal nuts - are the locking nuts required and if so what are the ones supplied...
  13. Dee James

    Track and tie rod fitting costs?

    I'm getting both front inner and outer tie/track rods fitted at the weekend and a full geometry set up done front and back because the existing ones are seized solid and the alignment needs doing. I'm supplying the parts and the same place who are doing the geometry set up are doing the rest of...
  14. V

    Turbo Actuator Rod issue

    Hi I have a 2004 Vito ( new style Vito) which has been throwing up an engine management light. Vehicle has only done 72,000 miles. Its been on STAR and apparently the actuator rod in the turbo is only moving 50% and therefore the turbo is only boosting at 50%. Apparently I'm going to...
  15. Martyn1993

    MB Hot Rod!

    HOTROD med MercedesDiesel - YouTube Too cool for a GM/Ford crate? No problem....:thumb:
  16. ben4proton

    Track rod ends W202

    Does any1 know what tools i will need to change travk rod ends on a 1998 C200? Any advice wud b gr8 as im a novice ! Thanks
  17. P

    w202 track rod end differences

    have noticed the difference in track rod end type that are supplied for the w202 as a replacement part ,differ. will this difference be a problem ? original manufacturer part ends are pointed to allow securing bolt to tighten over the top of the track rod end, similar as in picture one. ( note...
  18. artz

    W202 (98) - C250TD Estate - Drag Link/Tie Rod Assembly/Track Rod Ends

    Symptoms: Advice Item on MOT says O/S inner Drag link end ball joint has slight play. O/S front tyre worn through to material but only on the inside (3"-4") so not actually visible unless regularly checked. Slight knocking from front wheels when going over rough roads, pot holes etc. Had...
  19. 300CE

    Mercedes Rat Rod Rat Look Hoodride Goth 1981 W123 200

    Mercedes Rat Rod Rat Look Hoodride Goth 1981 W123 200 | eBay
  20. M

    Track Rod End replacement - DIY Help

    Hi All, Today, for the first time ever, I've had an MOT failure!! Offside track rod end has excesive play on my S211. Looks quite straight forward a job. Is it? Any tips please? I.e. count the number of turns for removal and then apply same number of turns when screwing on new one...
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