1. Gaz74

    C32 AMG anti roll bar diameter query.

    Hi, I need new ARB bushes on the front of my car and after searching, I thought that the bar should be 22mm thick. I've just measured the one on the car and it's 20mm thick, so has it got the wrong (or a regular W203) anti roll bar in place? Can anyone confirm the thickness it should be...
  2. M

    Roll Bar box wanted 124 Cabrio

    After a water ingress problem with my original 124 cabriolet roll bar box I am looking for a working second hand unit Part 820 5826. I managed to get a 2nd hand one but it was "spiked" during a jump-start and it has not functioned properly since. Hence I need another. Grateful for any leads.
  3. S

    B Class W246 Auto Roll up/down windows

    Still pretty new to the MB world, but wondered whether it's possible to set the windows to roll up and down using the fob? Thanks :thumb:
  4. ACID

    Roll Masters Event

    Due to unforseen circumstances this event is no longer proceeding. Refunds will be paid out in due course to all those who have placed deposit. Please feel free to suggest alternative venues and we will look in to it. #mslperformance #mslperformancenorth #mslcustoms #rollmasters #esmotor...
  5. ACID

    Roll Masters - Half Mile Roll on Race

    Please note - you have to be pre approved by us before purchasing a ticket. Priority will be given to Evolve, ES Motor and MSL PERFORMANCE customers in the the first instance. Please email with name, car, reg and spec as we need to provide this info the the venue...
  6. J

    CLS Anti Roll Bar Bushes ?

    Anyone changed them, how do you get them off ?
  7. FROGM5

    CLK W209 front anti roll bar mounts shot

    Cut long story short now driving without front anti roll bar. Remains of broken bolt stuck in both sides, local spanner monkeys cannot remove and have advised get new subframe. Anyone have any ideas/options on this???
  8. FROGM5

    CLK W209 320 Front anti roll bar Q&A

    Ok so I have just lost the drivers side front anti-rollbar mounting bracket on the M4. On getting back and discovering that this was the case, I jumped on to fleabay and had a look for a replacement. I purchased a complete roll bar brackets etc intending to rob one of the brackets and keep the...
  9. K

    R129 Roof and roll bar operation

    First need to post here after 5 years of largely trouble free driving of my 1999 R129 SL320. Anyway here is the problem: With the roof down I raised the rollbar to remove the wind deflector. The rollbar would not retract. Tried the hold button down to reset but to no avail. Tried to raise the...
  10. T

    Roll Call - September Cars

    So who's getting a new car tonight, tomorrow or in September? Will be collecting my first Mercedes tonight, then going on a little drive before heading to bed!
  11. A

    W124 rear seat roll bars

    Dear All Any thoughts on the following. Car w124, e220, cabriolet 1994. Brief history Has been SORN for about 2 years. Last week got it serviced/MOT no issues.:thumb: One problem since yesturday is the rear headset roll bars.:dk: When I drive a bit generously :) or hit some of the pot...
  12. John Jones Jr

    Jay Leno having a roll with an 80 year old!
  13. S

    Uprated front anti roll bar C124 3.2 sportline

    Hi, Just changed all for shocks and was about to the replace the front anti roll bar bushes. Then noticed the original bar has worn away near the bush areas. Apart from replacing with an OEM sportline bar does anyone offer a thicker bar ? Have looked at Eibach and other brands but...
  14. G

    E63 unnerving body roll

    Hi all, Interested in any comments: I've had my '13 E63 AMG for some months now and although 90% of the experience has been fantastic, there are a few idiosyncracies, e.g. the slight delay in pulling away when putting the car in D after reversing, that I'd really appreciate some...
  15. carat 3.6

    Wanted: W210 E55 rear anti roll bar

    Anyone on here breaking a w210 e55? looking for the rear anti roll bar, must be from a 55. Cash waiting....
  16. K

    Anti Roll Bars for ML W164

    Guys, Having just put some decent tyres on, that don't have sidewalls like a flaccid member, I'm loving the extra grip and sharper turn-in. Obviously we are talking about 6' 6" high SUV here, so all things are relative.. Unfortunately, I've also noticed a very unpleasant rocking from side to...
  17. SG1

    R129 SL Roll Bar Problem!

    Evening everyone. Wondered if anyone has any experience with the following issue - the car is really starting to annoy me now! The car is a 1997 R129 SL. I think the battery went slightly flat as I hadn't started the car for a few weeks. (Still started but took a tad longer than usual)...
  18. M

    E320 cdi 2003 W210 mirror roll?

    I read on other posts about the mirrors dipping when reverse gear is selected. Is this a function that has to switched on somewhere or should it happen automatically when selecting reverse. I have just done a repair to my reversing lights as they would not work. I was expecting my mirrors to...
  19. P

    Vito 638 lowering springs / rock roll bed (scotland)

    As per title please
  20. L

    front anti roll bar w203

    Cant find one at ECP or GSF. Any ideas on where an roughly how much? Saw one on ebay with droplinks but im cautious in case its not from right car. Is it worth trying local scrap yards? Is it worth getting drop links at same time? Car is '03 c220 cdi coupe. Tia for any help. Much appreciated Lewis
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