1. MancMike

    Nick Grimshaw has rolled his G

    DJ Nick Grimshaw flips £80,000 Mercedes swerving to avoid a cat - Manchester Evening News If he was doing 15mph then the brakes should have been sufficient...
  2. S

    Rolled arches recommendations

    Hi, I want to get my front arches on my SL55 rolled so that I can fit on my 15mm spacers. Does anyone have any recommendations of a 'professional roller' in the London or surrounding areas? Thanks.
  3. Mr Fixit

    Rolled Arches

    When I say rolled I mean that in the loosest sense as mine seem to have been hammered and not done to well so will need sorting. It raises the question why though? Under what circumstances would you need to do this lowering If so how much as there seems a massive amount of clearance. Only...
  4. M

    w202 C250 TD - Rolled and won't start now

    Ok so unfortunatley due to the bad weather the Mercedes decided to go sideways round a sweeping and end up on its side through a hedge into a field. It only rolled onto its side, not a full roll by the way. No major damage, just need a wing mirror and side repeater really (These cars must be...
  5. BaldGuy


    Just had a call from my X Wife to say that she has rolled her Golf GTI after being rammed by another driver. She had to be cut out and thank god that my kids were not in the car!! She was taken to hospital as she has burns from the seatbelt and whiplash/bruising etc to her entire body... The...
  6. S

    Rolled Arches

    Where can i get my front arches rolled as the one clips the wing slightly. there doesnt seem to be any where in west mids???? HELP PLS:(
  7. shazAMG

    Where to get Arches Rolled w208

    Anyone know of a decent place in South East? thanks,
  8. KLP 92

    Where can i get my arches rolled?

    Inned to have the internal lip of my rear arch rolled or hammered in as it is rubbing on my new wheels. Is there anyone that can recommend me a good place to have it done? Preferably in the London area please.
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