1. Rob77

    S124 Stuck roller load cover

    As per the title, I had my car valeted and I'm guessing they used some product on the roller load cover. which has now dried and stuck like glue, because now it's stuck in the roller and I cant pull it out :wallbash: It's always worked fine in the past. Does anyone have any tips for...
  2. L

    Electric roller shutter garage doors?

    Can anybody recommend suppliers/installers for powered roller shutter garage doors please? I'm looking for a powder coated aluminium door with insulation. Oh and I'm in North Hampshire if that makes any difference. Many thanks for any info.:thumb:
  3. mbenz1977

    Silver tartan sonnet by Parker. Roller ball Pen £170

    Boxed as new no marks or scratches never been used.
  4. Harrythedog

    Garage Roller door motor

    Has anyone replaced the above? Standard single size door, is it easy or best left to the experts
  5. M

    WANTED: 124 Coupe Rear Roller Blind

    Afternoon all. This is a bit of a long shot, considering the length of time I've been searching, but I am after a rear roller blind for my 124 Coupe. It MUST be in excellent, working condition. The rear pacel shelf MUST be in mushroom/cream to match my interior. It also has to be the facelift...
  6. H

    Installing a roller blind

    I bought a brand new rollerblind partno 1248102720 for my 124ce car has no is the scissors type which fits however has to cut a slot in the rear parcel now appears to me that i need another part to cover the slot part no1248101327code 7c29 which is grey...
  7. H

    124 coupe rear roller blind

    I am desperately looking for a rear electric roller blind for a 124 coupe.the interior is grey colour.i think the newer scissors type works on most cars.the dealerships in south africa cant advise me.can somebody please give me the correct part number as i am told it is no longer available.wher...
  8. H

    124 coupe roller blind

    I am looking for a rear rollerblind for a 124 coupe no rear headrests.i am told the part no is a1248102720/7c29.i think there might be another part number.does anybody know? Hilton wolff south africa
  9. BillyW124

    help, W124 coupe parcel shelf elec' roller blind cover...

    Folks, has anybody got a picture of the covering plate that goes on the rear parcel shelf to cover the the blind? Part number would be good if anybody is able to look it up? i have a w140 part number which will differ slightly but on the same tracks of what is intended for the 124? A...
  10. BillyW124

    Rear roller cubby hole C124

    center console for the rear?? i think saloon ones will fit aswel?
  11. C

    w124 estate rear roller

    hi guys n girls, i have a cream roller from an 89 TE. Both the dog section and cover section work fine. Open to offers pm me cheers chris:thumb:
  12. A

    Sending a Petrol roller mower in uk (best way?)

    Hello I have a suffolk punch roller mower that is for sale and a buyer very interested but in Scotland (Edinburgh). I've tried Pallet line and parcels to go but its £70 or so. Mine you I'm guessing the weight? I thought around £50 as I've sent 4 wheels for that price? (update just...
  13. N

    Wanted rear roller blind for C43 AMG

    I'm in need of a roller blind for the rear window. Part has to be original MB! Manual or the electric is not a problem. If you have the electric version? I'm also interested if you have the other parts to install this option. Wire loom Full colored BLACK parcel tray that comes with...
  14. bh13coupe

    New benz rear window roller blind switch

    these are hard to get without going to main stealers 1408206110 NEW BENZ REAR WINDOW ROLLER BLIND SWITCH : eBay Motors (item 360171141334 end time May-11-10 22:43:49 PDT) it is a w140 code but I know it fits the W124. often used to replace the volume fader switch on the centre console.
  15. blueserenity777

    Need Help changing roller blind on centre panel

    Can anyone tell me how to change the roller blind for the cupholder..changing it to the Birds Eye Maple and not sure what to do first..does the gear knob come off or the panel where the gear knob sits on comes off..and how does it come off..tried looking for pictures.. HELP !!
  16. Chattonmill

    Heavy Roller for cricket pitch!

    A bit of a bizarre request, but if you dont ask.......! I run the local cricket club, after last years floods we are now without our Pitch roller. So if anyone has one/knows of one sitting and doing nothing then I am definately interested. I have seen the awesome power of the members on this...
  17. M

    Cleaning paint roller

    Ok, this is the second time I have done this with lambswool rollers. put them in a plastic bag to clean "later" and left it so long the thing has dried out. I dont want to go and buy another one as I feel such a donut for letting this one dry out too (I chucked the first one in disgust). ANy...
  18. C

    Double roller blind

    Good! As has already posted the double roller blind has gone! The springs gone for good and were not discovered how they are stuck in the the factory! So I ask for help to see if I make a gadget for that thing and the network (which is behind the bank and holds the roof).
  19. MikeL

    Roller Garage Doors

    Hi, Getting a quote for a pair of roller (electric) doors 7.5 ft x 7 ft each. Can anyone give a ball park figure for supply and install - haven't bought doors in over 15 years so a bit out of touch! Want to make sure not totally rippped off. Mike
  20. M

    Wheel arch roller

    Boxed and unused...... £150.00 + p&p
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