1. M

    Surrey Rolling Road

    Took my C63 AMG PP down to Surrey Rolling Road in Farnborough this morning to check its power output prior to getting a remap done. The factory figures are 487bhp for my model but it showed 528bhp on the dyno, which according to Charlie the operator, indicates that it has already been...
  2. E63AMG

    Rolling Road

    I had my 2014 E63 on a rolling road today as I was interested to know what bhp it's producing in standard trim, before I set to modding it. It was in dyno mode but still wouldn't pull past 5000 rpm without upshifting the gears. Any clues on how to get it to the redline? Sent from my iPad...
  3. BIG_G_1979

    Rolling road w211

    Hi guys booked my E in for a rolling road session I have been messing with the secret menu on dash and have seen a dyno mode? What is this and should I enable for my session?
  4. V

    Rolling Road

    I'm interested in how much power this car has. So booked it in for a session on the rollers at the end of the month. SL63 with performance pack.
  5. D

    Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption government response

    Dear dinoy, The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Reinstate The 25Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption”. Government responded: Classic vehicles are an important part of the UK’s heritage. We already offer a 40 year rolling exemption. Around 10,000 classic vehicles each year...
  6. J

    Reinstate The 25 Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption Petition

    Hey guys, make sure you sign this!
  7. jamesfuller

    Reinstate the 25 year rolling road tax exemption This was 'mentioned' somewhere around election time but I think it has slipped the memories of some, can we try to remind them?
  8. jnfgambler247

    R230 SL500 (2004) More Power - Remap and Rolling Road Run

    I am looking to get some more power and responsiveness from the car. I also have XJR and XKR (both 4.2 SC) and I feel that the 5.0L in the Merc, whilst not matching the other two should be closer in performance. Bearing this in mind does anyone on here have any experience of remapping Mercs in...
  9. J

    Rolling rattling noise from rear seat back rest driver side

    I have a 2003 S430. There's a rolling rattling noise coming from the rear seat area, driver side when I drive over bumps and make sharp turns. Any ideas on what's causing it? thanks
  10. DanMorgan

    W140 Staggered Wheels + Rolling Radius

    Hi All, I have recently bought a W140 S280 for peanuts and planning to use as a daily. I have been told that they do not like staggered wheels and can cause issues with the cruise control and other things. I have an oppotunity to buy a set of W210 Staggered AMG Monoblocks, where there is a...
  11. JamesRan

    Rolling Road

    Hi All I have booked my car in for a session at Surrey Rolling Road in March, purely to see what kind of power it's currently outputting. Has anyone done this before? I never had, and am nervous my car might suffer as a result! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
  12. N

    Surrey Rolling Road £40 Saturday

    As per the title.....Charlie is having one of his £40 Saturday's this weekend (15th November) at his new place in Farnborough. I'm on at 10.15am so if anyone else fancies a go email Surrey rolling road and see if there are any spaces left! [email protected]
  13. Sonny Burnett

    V8 SL350 R107 Rolling Project

    as title says, literally one of the best cars i have ever driven got it for a steal of a price, 1980 350SL 3.5L V8 200bhp~ got the roof off at the moment and its just a great car for the summer top down drives the V8 sounds amazing, going to completely refurbish the exterior, engine and...
  14. merc85

    Dont laugh lol cdi Rolling Road Q's

    I want to get my e320 cdi put on a Rolling road, ive done this with all my Previous Volvo t5's and its just a thing i do lol is there anything i should do before putting it on the roller's with regards to cars computer abs etc etc. Also which Gear is best (its a 5 speed) and how do you hold it...
  15. T

    Any rolling roads in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough area?

    Hi I'm looking for a rolling road to test my c63, it's supposed to be remapped to 495bhp (Quantum remap) but I have never drove any other c63 so I would never know the difference. Just want it rolling roadbed to see what sort of figures it makes, and if it's not as good as I expected, get a...
  16. W

    W221 - Removing door card without rolling window down? (To replace window motor)

    Hi all, Does anyone know whether there's a way to remove the front door cards on a W221 S Class, without having to roll the windows down please? Basically my driver side window isn't working, and I think the sensor inside of the motor is dead. But to replace the motor I need to remove the...
  17. Alex

    Tool for rolling the arches

    I'm looking to borrow or buy a wheel arch flaring tool. Please PM if you have one lying around.
  18. The _Don

    Pistonheads rolling road offer 2013 £40

    Might be of use to members here
  19. Cyclone1

    Rolling Thunder......makes a grown man cry..

    One last blast to keep the feeling fresh. I will be sad to see it go, but here it sits waiting to be collected....... Jules "][/URL]
  20. Willsco

    SL500 R129 Rolling Road Results

    Went to Surrey Rolling Road last Saturday with some old Porsche 928 club friends and had my SL500 on the dyno. Never been to a rolling road before - very interesting experience. SL seemed to perform very well (IMO) BHP - 310.6 (Original Spec is 306BHP) Torque delivery - good Air / Fuel Ratio...
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