Rome Alone

    Just heard on the radio that an 11 year old boy has flown from Manchester to Rome without a ticket, passport, or boarding card. Makes you feel safe does it not?.
  2. Gollom

    Rome apartment in August for 2 adults

    Anybody got helpful info? Especially inside track on self catering places as I love to cook so a big part of any holiday is getting fresh food from the markets and cooking it! On a tight budget this year as still recovering from redundancy/re-employment :o I'm pretty good at searching the web...
  3. C240Sport97

    Recommendations for hotels in Paris and Rome

    Need to book 4 nights in Paris in late June and 3 nights in Rome in early July. Would like to be in 15 or 12 or 11 district in Paris. Would like to be in the Monti district in Rome. We are group of 3 (me, my 16 year old niece and 15 year old nephew - brother and sister). 1 room for...
  4. timwood2000

    Hotel in Rome - any suggestions

    I am spending a week in Rome in June and having spent hours on and the like, am none the wiser. I am after something fairly decent 4/5 stars with an outside pool. Doesn't have to be too close to the centre of Rome (up to 15/20 mins taxi ride), although would be happy with a...
  5. Thmsshaun

    Home 2 Rome.

    Has anyone here took part in this event before.
  6. Sam34

    Greetings from Rome

    As a new member, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sam34 (aka Sergio). Last week I bought a nice CLK 230. The car is not very young (was born 7 years ago) with 70,000 km on. It is my first MB, as the first car with an automatic gearbox. This (if I will be able to attach a pic) is my...
  7. R

    Visiting Rome - Hotel/Restaurant Recommendations?

    I'm planning a romantic weekend away in early December to coincide with the girlfriend's and mine 3 year anniversary and have narrowed the choice down to Rome. Now I'm looking at Hotels. I've got my travel people searching and they've come up with a list, of which this one is my favourite so...
  8. Brian WH

    Mercedes In Rome

    On a recent holiday in Rome I took interest in the different Mercedes models there, and the lack of certain ones also. Minibuses - Popular for tourists and Airport Taxis. A Class - A few seen. C Class - Not many around , but a few private taxis E Class - Lots of W210 executive limos...
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