1. bob6600

    Ron Dennis removed as McLaren CEO

    The McLaren Technology Group have released a statement confirming Ron Dennis' exit as their chief executive. It read:
  2. addbuyer

    They do run run RON

    Guys i have not owned a petrol for many years so now squat about petrol and Ron levels or what ever they are. I was just reading that Merc recommend super unleaded with a minimum of 98 RON. The V8 can be run periodically on a lesser Ron unleaded (so they say) but a superior fuel must be used! I...
  3. A

    The 98/95 Ron Question- dare I ask it???

    I just trawled through various threads looking for info on this but didn't find what I was looking for. I do a fair bit of travelling some weeks and don't have time to seek out or detour past the nearest Shell or super unleaded friendly petrol station but if I need to carry octane booster so be...
  4. F


    Just wanted to know if the 55k AMG engines run ok on the 95RON petrol or do you have to use 97RON or the 99RON that tesco's claim they have. What do you guys put in your beloved babies?
  5. MB-BTurbo

    98 or 97 ron petrol?

    My car's manual says I should use no less than 98ron petrol. Occasional 95 is permitted but only as a necessity. With Sainsburys 97ron petrol now costing £1.28 (with the voucher) compared to Shells £1.42 for V power 99ron it is extremely tempting to fill up with the Sainsburys fuel. Is...
  6. gaz_l

    Petrol - RON values on the pumps

    Greetings, citizens. Filled up tonight at the local Shell station, which was recently refurbished. Probably the second/third time I've done so. However, I noticed this time there's no RON numbers on the pump labels - fairly sure that before regular was labelled as 95 and V-power as 98. I...
  7. The _Don


    PistonHeads Headlines - Spotted: Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG
  8. A

    What do you put in your C32?

    I've seen a couple of threads talking about using super vs. plain unleaded, but apart from the odd "me too" from a C32 owner, no definitive comment on whether it makes much difference. Is the ECU tuned for super or plain? Does it auto-sense? Does it a) feel better or b) get better economy from...
  9. J

    Ron Dennis's dream

    Sssh! You're looking at Britain's £800m supercar secret weapon | Mail Online:eek:
  10. mercmanuk

    ron mueck the artist

    Ive just had an experiance today at the manchester art gallery that has changed my view of art.there are a couple of sculptures by the artist ron mueck that are totally mind blowing.the attention to detail is so real,are they real? if you ever get the chance to see his work dont miss the...
  11. A

    Fuel RON

    Hi, The user manual for my S500 yr2000 says to use Unleaded RON 95. Is that standard unleaded, or premium ie BP Ultimate etc.. Seem to get conflicting info on the web some say standard unleaded is 91 RON others state 95. Thanks
  12. TonyVianoAmbiente

    McLaren's Ron Dennis quits Formula 1

    From BBC Sport: Ron Dennis has handed over complete control of McLaren Racing to team principal Martin Whitmarsh, ending his 43-year involvement in Formula 1. The 61-year-old stepped down as world champion Lewis Hamilton's team boss on 16 January, but stayed involved in F1. Dennis will...
  13. 2

    95 ron or 99 ron?

    I currently put 99 ron in the tank at the moment, but would it harm the car to put in 95 ron? The car is a C43. Some cars can adjust the ecu to accommodate the different ron and wondered if can adjust like some cars can do.
  14. BlackC55

    Ron Dennis :(
  15. Dieselman

    Talking of Ron Dennis
  16. Howard

    Saw Ron Dennis today ....

    Not much of a story , but I was in The Wharf today killing time over coffee and who comes in for lunch but Mr Dennis himself ..... His chauffeur driven S500 with AMG wheels ( K006 *** ) waiting in the car park .....;) Didn't get to say hello to him as he looked like he was chatting to...
  17. W

    V-MAX or other 97 RON

    has any body noticed any differences between high performance fuels and standard 97 RON? J
  18. R

    Tesco's 99 Ron fuel...............

    Is anyone else using Tescos limited availability Superunleaded fuel? My first are impressions are that it is as good as Shell Optimax but much cheaper. In my 4 pot it has the effect of making the car run for smoothly (although my car was tuned to run on Optimax when I had it Superchipped)...
  19. hitt

    Tesco Rocket Fuel (99 RON) Take a look at the link above. 99 RON Petrol from Tesco's. My brother, who is constantly on the MR2 forum, gave me this link.
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