1. bh13coupe

    watching Ronin makes me want a 450 SEL 6.9

    Guys Watching Ronin on Chan5, I love the car chase into Nice and that 450 SEL 6.9 is a beast!!! I want one. However a Citroen XM at best a 3.0 V6 holding off an Audi S8 Quattro off road at times, Come on do me a favour!!!!! German always spanks french:D I read somewhere that Luc Besson used...
  2. whitenemesis

    Ronin - on 5 Now!!

    A must see movie!! :thumb: :rock:
  3. grober


    Yes for those who havn't seen one of the best car chase films made, its on tonight after Top Gear at 9pm CHANNEL 5:cool:
  4. chriswt

    Unrestorted 6.9 - Pretent your Robert De Niro in Ronin!!! I love these but is this one worth restoring of just a whole world of trouble!?!
  5. S

    Heads up - Ronin on BBC1 11pm this evening

    Just in case there are any petrolheads out there ;)
  6. Tigger


    Ronin is on BBC1! :bannana: How on earth in the Merc 6.9 do they do the reverse handbrake turn - 180 degree spin and continue forwards in one fluid movement?
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