1. B

    Recommendations please: roofbars for S211?

    I need to buy some roofbars for my newly acquired s211 ( BTW thanks to Angus from this forum for the fantastic buying experience) and would appreciate any recommendations. I will be carrying surfboards. However I need to get 4 on the roof and so I would like to carry 2 sets of 2 side by side...
  2. Kris-H

    W210 E class Mercedes Roofbars

    I've got a set of Genuine Mercedes Roof bars available for the W210 series. I've only used them 3 times so they are in good condition. They come with the original Mercedes fitting instructions and locking keys. Located approx 5-10 mins from J13 of the M25 or J4 of the M4 £65
  3. P

    Mercedes C63 (2014) Roofbars

    Just sold my C63. Mercedes Roof Bars available for pick up only. £100
  4. SimonRJ

    Genuine MB Roofbars for W166 ML

    Selling my genuine Mercedes Benz roof bars to fit ML from 2012 onwards. Only used twice and in excellent condition. Once connected to roof rails, they lock in place. MB part no - MA166 890 13 93 £150 plus any delivery costs - offers
  5. H

    E-Class Roofbars

    Atera Signo roofbars for S212/W212 Will not fit the factory fitted roof rails. Designed to screw in to mounts on the rain gutters. Boxed, never used, tools instructions £80 ono
  6. MikeAMG

    W215 roofbars.

    So are they available, my handbook says they are but I've never seen any or found them on the Internet. Need to get my mountain bike on it some how!
  7. SimonRJ

    W203 Mont Blanc Roofbars

    Purchased the roof bars when I had my C Class - W203 - put them on the car to see if they fit and they were really sturdy. Took them off, put back in the box and never actually used them! Excellent condition - £60. (plus delivery costs if applicable)
  8. C

    W203 / W211 estate Mercedes roof bars and roof box

    I am selling my genuine Mercedes roof bars and roof box. The bars were fit both the W211 and W203 estate. Here's the ebay link: Genuine Mercedes Roof box and Bars fit C & E Class Estate (W203 & W211) | eBay
  9. T

    S204 C Class Estate - Thule roofbars, footpack, 360l roof box £120

    Thule aero bars (862) and foot pack (775). The roof bars and feet can be locked to your roof rails for added security. The part no for the aero bars is 862 (135cm) and the foot pack rapid system is part no 775. The items are in good used condition, there is some minor scratching to rear of the...
  10. d w124

    C124 roofbars

    MERCEDES Benz W124 Coupe Roof Bars | eBay
  11. d w124

    S124 roofbars

    Pair of Mercedes Benz Roof Bars for Estates (W124 and W210) | eBay
  12. swannymere

    w124 Roofbars

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz W124 roofbars with keys and in above average condition, looking for £40 including delivery to addresses within 2 hours of SO32. contact me at [email protected] Photos to follow
  13. P

    GL roofbars

    Just a quick heads up folks....just listed mine on ebay...if anyone wants them on the forum, just pm me cheap to forum members!
  14. swannymere

    W210 Roofbars

    W210 E-Class Saloon Genuine Mercedes supplied Roofbars, in overall good condition with the exception of two of the 'feet' which have cracks to the plastic coating. One key supplied and UK shipping included. £50 Genuine Mercedes Benz Roofbars to fit W210 E-Class on eBay (end time 12-Dec-09...
  15. swannymere

    W210 Roofbars

    How do the Mercedes Benz supplied Roofbars work on the W210 saloon? I know it should be obvious but i can't work it out. I need to know so i know if they're working before putting them on eBay Thanks.
  16. M

    W164 Roofbars - will these fit ?

    Hi all Will roofbars with this part number (A164 890 13 93) fit an ML (W164) , they look like GL bars to me but wondered if they will fit Thanks MS
  17. Timster

    W124 Estate Roofbars

    Hi. Before spending a lot on new ones, does anyone have a set of bars for the W124 that they would be willing to sell to me. Can collect, or will cover postage of course. Cheers in advance. Tim
  18. Mr E

    Roofbars for E Class Estate

    ... or should be fixings for roofbars. Anyway, I have all the Thule kit from the old E Saloon and looked around at the weekend for new fixings for the estate. I may be a little unfair (or even tight-fisted...) as I bought my roofbox, bars, etc, as one package (which was £260 for a Kamei...
  19. K

    For sale W124 cargo net/load cover and roofbars

    I've been clearing out the garage in anticipation of moving house next month and have a couple of items I thought might be of interest. 1. Genuine cargo net and load cover for a W124 Mercedes estate. It's beige in colour and spare from a previous estate I used to own. It's in very good nick...
  20. jaymanek

    CLK Roofbars Anyone??

    Hi all, I have some for sale, ive just stuck them on ebay. Jay Ebay Link
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