1. Druk

    The Elephant in the Room

    So. Trump or Clinton. Who's going to win and why? Six-guns at the ready.....
  2. D

    Daughter's Bedroom revamp.

    We evicted our daughter from her room today and moved her into the spare bedroom. A full revamp of her bedroom & en-suite is planned. Everything is under control but I'd like help/advice on a starry night ceiling. As a starting point can anyone give thoughts on these: DiY FIBRE OPTIC...
  3. Andrew W

    Cls55 Engine room .

    Gave the engine bay a freshen up today. The alloy was looking tied so gave it a coat of graphite grey which looks factory fresh . Going to clean the rockers when I do the plugs .
  4. flango

    Yet another bar room debate (Best MB 2001-2005)

    OK so last nights debate was centered around what was the best MB produced in the mid 2000's, so we considered the dates 2001 - 2005. So after several pints of Timothy Taylors Landlords Pale Ale we came up with the following shortlist W211 E500 W220 S500 W209 CLK500 W220 S350 W219...
  5. flango

    Bar room discussion, Coupes

    OK the pub discussion from last night. One of the guys is buying a coupe, budget is £4k - £5k so what would be the most reliable for his money. He has looked at the usual German marques BMW 3 series, MB CLK, Audi TT for these and his budget he is looking at a 2004 model year at best. Then...
  6. D

    Free Hotel Room in Dover 10/12

    After booking and paying for a hotel room in Dover for tomorrow night, I now find that I have to be somewhere else at 9AM Thursday which means I can't use the room. Premier Inn at Dover so nothing fancy, but I'v stayed there before and it's not a bad hotel with a decent Table Table attached...
  7. I

    Replacing Honeywell T6360B Room Stat

    Afternoon As there seem to be quite a few knowledgable heating folk on here I thought I'd ask the question. Basically, I'm looking to replace the existing T6360B stat in our house as the previous owners managed to paint most of it and the plastic has started to go yellow with age. Is there a...
  8. D

    C63 rear leg room saloon/estate

    Hi folks On the hunt for a C63 estate but saw a lovely saloon today at the petrol station it got me wondering My budget I can find 4 estates online for sale but 20+ saloons I don't need an estate but figured the extra boot space could be usefull for weekends away. But for some reason I also...
  9. Gh3382

    lack of boot room on W209 Clk cabroilet anyone used a boot rack

    As the title says, I have a problem with storage when I drive to our cruise so I am considering using a Boot rack. has anyone used one and does anyone know where I can get one. GH3382
  10. horgantrevor

    W202 Amg & sport parts for quick sale I need room

    I just said I would Members know if any one was looking for a few bits Hi I'm breaking my old w202 as I need the room I have sold the full body kit to a member here I have also a few more parts Hid factory headlights x2 with motors on the back and ballasts 220 pounds Folding...
  11. LTD

    You have a car sized display case in your very large room ...

    You can have any car within it but it's not for driving. What's your nominee for the car you would like to have in it ?
  12. A

    Projector advice (for a kids room)

    Hello We have converted the garage into a playroom for the kids and resently at work I have been able to aquire a pull down screen. This should fit neatly at what would have been the garage door end and when not pulled down will be out of sight (ish). I now need a projector and was going...
  13. R

    Home cinema room

    Just converting my garage into a living room and we have decided to make it a cinema/console/computer/music room, I would like to go down the in wall speaker route 5-1 with a subwoofer parked up in one corner. I'm not cash rich so please do not recommend 50 k speakers with cables made out of...
  14. F

    Sky Multi Room Query....

    Hi, We have Sky Plus HD box in our living room and I am now going to upgrade to Sky multi room so that i can have Sky in my bedroom. Sky only do a basic box that does not have Sky Plus for an extra £10 per month as I do not want to pay SKY an additional £200 for another Sky Plus HD box...
  15. kbhogalW126

    Travelodge Docklands London room available 2nd jan check in 4th jan check out

    Hi folks, I had booked a Family Room non smoking at London Docklands Travelodge checking in 2nd Jan and Checking out 4th Jan 2011. I unfortunately cant use this room anymore as my plans have changed. If anyone is interested and wants to make me an offer then please PM me. I can then...
  16. SL300-24

    Check out the 'car wash' room

    V8 Hotel: Carwash
  17. J

    So many bikes there will be no room for cars

    There is going to be a lot more accidents with bikes. £900 a bike! Where the money comes from? Our pocket I presumed.:devil: Barclays Cycle Hire Boris Johnson has 'no doubt things will go wrong' | Mail Online Beijing are getting more cars and less bikes, the reverse in London in the 21st...
  18. kusanku

    convertible rear leg room

    Which convertible has the most leg room in the back? Mrs. K is objecting to my plans to buy a CLK after she sat in the back of one during a recent test-drive. Do any of the convertibles on the market have more leg room in the back, or is the CLK fairly typical?
  19. jonnyboy

    building a pool room

    Hi all We are shortly to break ground on a complex extension. We have at the moment a 17'8 by 9'6 single storey games room included in our plans. Widening it will be no problem (trust me!). What do you reckon its minimum width needs to be if I want to put a "normal" sized pool table in...
  20. R

    Spare room - Do I rent it to a friend/random/no-one? MONEY!

    Hi, So I own a 2 bedroom flat. Currently the second bedroom is rented to a good friend, however, he is moving out. Question is what I do with the room now. FINANCES Mortgage is a tracker (so is currently very cheap) + bills = £1k a month. After I pay that I'm left with £800-900 ish to live...
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