1. K

    Rotating clicking noise from engine

    I have 2002 classic 220cdi auto estate. When I press the accelerator there is a rotating click noise from the engine with gets faster as I accelerate. As soon as I stop accelerating and cruise the noise seems to stop. I was wondering if it was the turbo unit?
  2. 38FP

    Rotating noise coming from front wheel

    Any ideas?
  3. R

    Rotating tyres... this still done at service time, or does anyone do it at regular intervals (assuming you don't have a staggered set up? I ask because they seem to still do it in the US).
  4. Satch

    Whirrring, rattley, rotating squeak noise

    is coming from somewhere in the region of nearside end dashboard on my S211 for about 10 minutes after startup and every so often when under way. Not the main fan because it is still evident when that is switched off. Is there another one in there, perhaps a cooling fan for electronics...
  5. BaldGuy

    Rotating Benz logo screen saver

    Does anyone have this screensaver from years ago??
  6. jimmy

    Rotating Wheels

    I want to rotate my wheels so that I get even tyre wear all round so that I can replace all four at once. What is the best way to rotate them? diagonally, front to back or side to side? I am thinking diagonally would be best so that you get a front and back swap and the wheel will be running...
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