1. 3ayg

    Looking For STAR in Rotherham / Sheffield Area

    Hi All, I am in need of STAR in the Rotherham or Sheffield area. Can anyone recommend an indie? Cheers in advance!
  2. 3ayg

    W210 gearbox problems, need STAR in Rotherham South Yorkshire area

    Hi everyone ive been using this forum for years for DIY and troubleshooting for my various MB's but never got round to signing up but now the time as I need to ask some questions of my own. I've recently bought a w210 e320 cdI and its giving me some grief... When I first bought the car it was in...
  3. I

    Rotherham HAC

    Just about to start: Player Should be interesting.
  4. flango

    Good MB Service and Repair Garage Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

    Just thought I would share this one with you in case it benefits anyone local. A couple of weeks ago a pal of mine was talking about a garage that had just serviced his wife's Porsche and he was raving about them saying they are really good on Prestige cars and MB's are one of their specialties...
  5. W

    Servicing in Sheffield / Rotherham area.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for where I should take my 2001 SLK 320 for its A Service? Europa have quoted £199 which is probably a little more than I expected. I used to use JAR Motorsports in Rotherham for my SLK work but they seem to no longer have a website or a connected phone so...
  6. proser

    JAR Motorsport - Rotherham

    I'd just like to give a big thumbs up for John at JAR Motorsport. Whilst working in Sheffield the car decided to go into limp mode (very driveable but no kick down or over 3000rpm). Via a referral I gave John a call and he managed to get me in at very short notice. Quickly hooked up to...
  7. franey

    JAR Motorsport Rotherham.

    Having just returned from an MOT at the above named Garage; It has been a long time since I have experienced such professionalism and excellent customer service. I took a family members Audi to JAR and was pleasantly greeted by a member of staff who then made me a coffee before showing me the...
  8. franey

    Work Placement Required Sheffield / Rotherham area?

    I am looking for a work placement in a garage / car repair centre for a young female who is interested in cars and has studied at college in that subject. She is 19 yrs of age and resides in the Sheffield area however can travel a reasonable distance. You will not be required to pay the person...
  9. G

    Mercedes indie for sevice rotherham, yorkshire

    Just thought I'd pass on my thanks to John at JAR on Barbot hall in rotherham, for servicing my clk, Fantastic company, john goes above and beyond to meet his customers needs. As I am a member of mbclub, I got 10% off labour aswell :thumb: Highly recommended.
  10. KillerHERTZ

    M1 outside Rotherham SL55 Crash

    Spent the best part of an hour in the sweltering heat in tailbacks just outside Rotherham today. Finally got to the front of the bottle neck to find a Sliver SL55 AMG with the front completely crushed, a Police car and lots of Earth all over the road. I have no idea how he managed to...
  11. Inkyskin

    Anyone know of an indie near Rotherham?

    The title says it all really! I'm soon going to be in the position of being able to afford to fix up my worn out w202, am I'm looking for recommendations - I don't mid traveling out of South Yorks to see a good one, but it'd have to be really worth it... (ie, works magic for peanuts! ;) )
  12. lackofgrip

    anyone in sheffield rotherham

    is there anyone in the area with a genuine bosch afm i can borrow to check that is whats faulty on mine? before i shell out £150. its a 1998 C180 Elegance thanks people :D
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