1. S

    Racing Brake 2 piece Rotor Upgrade for C63 - Gauging Interest.

    Hi guys, I am looking at upgrading the OEM 1 piece rotors to 2 piece rotors similar to the PPP version. But with weight saving and cost saving. Looking at the forums, Racing Brake comes highly recommended. I am looking a this set. Mercedes C63 AMG Brake Package...
  2. M

    w124 rotor drive sleeve

    hi there can anybody help I recently purchased a 300ce 1990 w124 and am currently doing some work to her. I am after the rotor arm drive sleeve which is attached to the end of the camshaft. the rotor arm is screwed to it using three screws. the part broke while I was trying to remove it...
  3. M

    Disk rotor offset

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find the rotor offset(hat height) of my brake rotors? They are 380mm from the CLS55 with the performance pack. Cheers.
  4. samuelsmiles

    1981 W123 Rotor arm not turnng?

    As in the title - is there something obvious that could be the cause. Chris.
  5. O

    2000 W208 clk430 front brake disc brake discs rotor rotors size diameter thickness

    Hi, so it's time for new front brakes for my CLK430 and I'm looking through what has to offer. Problem is (the same problem I had with my last CLK430, but I can't remember what I found out back then), they offer 2 different sizes. I'm pretty sure I either found, or made a thread...
  6. T

    W163 Rotor size

    All, The background: A couple of years ago I bought an early W163 270 :fail. After suffering pretty much every usual error consecutively within 6 months (intlet mani,stepper motor, crankcase breather, boost pipes, exhaust brackets, central locking, electric windows, panoramic roof leak...
  7. N

    Bosch or Beru M103 Dizzy cap & rotor - any difference?

    I need to replace these components. Is Beru OEM MB stuff & the equivalent of Bosch for quality, durability, reliability etc? TIA
  8. W

    W124 Timing Cover Gasket Replacement - removing the rotor arm

    Ive got a leak at the front of the engine coming from the gasket underneath the timing cover. I've started stripping things down to replace the gasket. Taken the distributor cap and rotor arm off but I can't get the bracket on which the rotor arm is mounted to budge. Removed the torx screw...
  9. C

    Dizzy cap and rotor arm mix?

    :(I have just received a rotor arm and distributor cap from Europarts (I am now waiting for them to get back to me). They sent the wrong parts. I ordered both parts by Bosch, alas they have sent me a Bosch rotor arm and a Bremi distributor cap. So while I am waiting for them to ring me I...
  10. Sp!ke

    The price of a rotor arm

    Having owned loads of oldish cars with distributor caps and rotor arms over the years, I was rather alarmed to find that ECP were quoting £28 for a rotor arm for my w201. I've always paid about £3.50 in the past for rotor arms so a quick check at GSF revealed a price of £4.10. (much more like...
  11. P

    86 W124 - which rotor arm?

    i bought a rotor arm today from eurocarparts and when i got it home, the hole in the rotor arm is too small. the one i bought: Bosch Mercedes Benz 200 (W124) Rotor Arm - Euro Car Parts UK?s No.1 Car Parts Retailer on ECP its listed just for a 200, but there is a few more with engine codes...
  12. S

    W203 Rotor clarification

    Hello all, My W203 ('56 C230 Evo Pan) recently started showing the brake wear error. I took it into Mercedes on Monday and they quoted a ludicrous amount to replace the pads and discs. On querying the amount they said I had the sports pack (949) and thus more expensive discs and pads. Anyway I...
  13. Arthur Daley

    W126 Dizzy Cap & Rotor Arm

    Just had a big shock at Merc dealers who say they want £120 for dizzy cap and rotor arm for a W126 280 se (year 1981) Euro car parts have quoted £25 for both. However they needed a Merc part number as apparently there are three different caps available. Merc however will not disclose part...
  14. grober

    Ml Pad And Rotor Replacement Pictorial

    First posted on wheels n tyres but reposted here. Good pics!!!!!!! I have read lots of threads about excessive brakepad/disc wear on MLs. I think this stems from the 4-ets system the ml uses for 4 wheel drive. There are good descriptions of this system elsewhere...
  15. M

    260e 1990 Rotor Arm Sleave!!!

    Does anyone know where i can get a rotor arm sleave. The arm itself is fine it's just the sleave thats split in two leaving a lovely piece of ali stuck a tight as hell in th end of the cam shaft.
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