1. M

    Where to buy 2 piece rotors for 2014 C63?

    I am contemplating a set of Evosport 2 piece rotors (front and rear) for the 507 but have discovered that they are no longer in business...this has put me off buying them as I can't replace the rotors! As with a lot of things on this car, I'm struggling to find top but realistically priced...
  2. M

    Performance pack disc rotors

    Following the sale of my CLS55 I have some spare front disc rotors which I never got around to fitting. They are brand new 380mm two piece rotors which fit the SL55 and CLS55 performance pack cars, they might fit other models too. Collection from London due to their weight. £750
  3. M

    FS:Mercedes new amg calipers and new disc rotors sl 65 amg r230 black series 390x36

    hello I m selling brand new set mercedes amg 6pot and 8pot calipers with new amg sl 65 r230 black series rotors 390mm calipers come with new pads,discs are 390x36 and should fit to sl r230 cls w219 e class w211 c class w204 and many other models pm at inbox regards john
  4. A

    How to replace brake pads, rotors and brake sensors Mercedes Benz S-Class W221

    how to replace brake pads, rotors and brake sensors mercedes benz s class w221 watch?v=2x7kwrpR-Fg
  5. D

    C63 PP Front Rotors

    At what mileage did everyone change their front discs?
  6. O

    2000 W208 clk430 front brake disc brake discs rotor rotors size diameter thickness

    Hi, so it's time for new front brakes for my CLK430 and I'm looking through what has to offer. Problem is (the same problem I had with my last CLK430, but I can't remember what I found out back then), they offer 2 different sizes. I'm pretty sure I either found, or made a thread...
  7. Edition507

    C63 507 Rotors

    Does anyone know if the C63 507 OEM rotors are 2 piece?
  8. J

    Disc rotors & pads

    Looking into a brake service for my W126 300SEL. Just want to stay standard, no need for oversized dinner plates nor multi calapers arrangements with fancy paint jobs. Nor do I have the need for crossed drilled rotors that resemble an Italian cheese slicer nor with fused volcanic lava and...
  9. EndPoint

    C32 AMG Brakes and Rotors

    Looking to buy c32 4 piston calipers + rotors for my w203
  10. noogieman

    Rotors from C32 AMG fitting my C43 AMG???

    This is K-man from Sweden. I need an advice about front rotors for my C43 AMG. Last year I bought new C32, 4 pot front calipers. I will remove my old ones for these new sexier looking calipers with the black stripe AMG logo. Only thing missing are a set of rotors. Does anyone recommend to...
  11. B

    dizzy caps and rotors

    Any good source, cheap and cheerful, for Bosch/OEM caps for M119 engine other than MB dealer?? Can't seem to find any on the net locally, all are US based.. Cheers! Bing
  12. television

    Drilled rotors

    just looking at my old discs and I notice that all of the holes on the inside are blocked up solid, and no way to clean them on the car, whats the point if they block
  13. A


    Hi, Had my rear rotors replaced at the garage. I noticed that they had white paint along the edge surface. Is that normal for MB rotors? thanks A
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