1. G

    'Turn Half Left' quirk at roundabouts on new C-Class with Command Satnav

    Hi, My 205 C Class was new in December. It's in the dealers today so they can try once more to fix a dodgy speaker or two..... The Satnav in the C-Class is very, very good except a weird little quirk. I'd not asked about it on here before as I figured that this was just how Mercedes do...
  2. b1n0de


    Ever wondered about too many roundabouts in places where these seem to be utterly irrelevant, especially when there is a central white 'mound' which puts constraint on the motorists on the narrow roads!
  3. pluggers

    I hate roundabouts

    Don't fancy going into rant mode, but I can guess some of you have already been here :( It happened today as I was going to the local recycling center after picking the wife up from work.I'm in the right hand lane turning right at a roundabout with a Vauxhall Astra in the left lane.They start...
  4. O

    Pedestrian Crossing at roundabouts

    Anyone else on here amazed at the stupidity of placing pedestrian crossings right on busy roundabouts as they are now doing around where I live? I am usually concentrating on traffic entering the roundabout to my right, looking for a space to pull out into, but I have on a couple of occasions...
  5. B

    Roundabouts wrong on DVD Comand

    Just bought a new CLK w209 in September. Comand satnav sometimes announces "Take the first exit at the rounabout" when actually the right exit (which is shown correctly on the graphical display) is the 3rd or 4th etc, so it is just the audio announcement which is wrong. MB dealer didn't know...
  6. jimmy


    Every day on my way to work I have to get off the A14 and turn right at a roundabout to go into town. The lanes off the A14 are clearly marked, RH lane for Kettering & Corby (about four o'clock), LH lane for Corby only (about two o'clock). Every morning there is quite a lot of traffic in the...
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